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Coronavirus updates Wednesday, December 1

Expected between today and tomorrow the opinion of the scientific technical committee of Aifa on the anti-viral vaccine Pfizer / BioNTech Children in the age group 5-11 years.
Meanwhile, the spread varante Omicron of Covid (which may have been circulating for at least ten days in Europe) identified in terms of the increase in restrictions in many countries and the closing of borders as well In light of the upcoming holidays,
On the other hand, it reopened the topic of compulsory vaccination. The subject that divides Europe considering that Austria NS Germany favorable while Greece It imposes it on those in their sixties.
In our country, the increase in infections will cause the South Tyrol region to reach the yellow zone from Monday, December 6. L ‘

Latest Bulletin
, corresponding to November 30, from 12,764 new infections and 89 deaths.

13-43 – There are 59 cases of omicron in 11 countries in the European Union, 4 in Italy

So far, 59 cases of the Omicron variant (15 more than yesterday) have been confirmed in 11 EU and EEA countries: Austria (3), Belgium (2), the Czech Republic (1), Denmark (4) ) and France (1) Germany (9), Italy (4), the Netherlands (16), Portugal (14), Spain (2) and Sweden (3). As reported by the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention ECDC. Most of the confirmed cases have a history of travel to African countries. All cases are asymptomatic or mild. The center states that, so far, there are no serious cases and no deaths have been reported among these cases.

13.20 – Von der Leyen: Time to discuss the commitment to vaccination

Until two or three years ago, I wouldn’t have thought of that until it was time to discussVaccination commitment. This was stated by the President of the European Union Commission Ursula von der Leyen at a press conference on the state of emergency.

1.14pm – Fiaso, in intensive care +17% no treatment fax

In intensive care, the number of unvaccinated patients increased by 17% while vaccinated patients decreased by 10%. The lack of vaccination in resuscitation is a positive sign that the vaccine is protected from severe forms. The total number of patients under 18 years of age admitted to sentinel hospitals is 17, including 2 in intensive care. This is evidenced by data on sentinel hospitals in Fiaso (Association of Health Companies and Hospitals) registered on November 30. In one week, according to Fiaso, the number of patients in the hospital increased by 16%.

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13.02 – European Union, Pfizer Children’s Vaccine Available from December 13

doses Pfizer vaccine for children They will be ready from December 13th. This was announced by the President of the European Union Commission Ursula von der Leyen at the press conference on the Covid emergency.

12.50 pm – In Russia 32,837 new cases and 1,226 deaths

Russia continues to record a large number of new cases and deaths: in the past 24 hours, there were 32,837 new infections and 1,226 deaths. The head of the health department, Anna Popova, advised her citizens not to travel abroad during the Christmas holidays. On Tuesday, Vladimir Putin said the government would launch an updated plan to counter the Omicron variant.

12.20 – Austria extends lockdown until December 11

L ‘Austria The closing period extends for 10 days. Kindergartens and schools remain open for those in need, but parents have been asked to keep children at home if possible. What happens after December 11 will depend on the situation, but officials say restrictions will remain for the unvaccinated. The country has a relatively low vaccination rate in Western Europe, with just under 67% of the population being fully immunized. The number of cases is starting to drop: yesterday it was 894.2 cases per 100,000 residents, down from more than 1,100 on the day the lockdown began.

10 a.m. – Sicily, grafting from the hairdressers in Palermo

(by Salvo Valica) From Thursday 2 December in Palermo, barbers and hairdressers (with reservation) can take vaccinations against the Covid virus. Emergency Commissioner Renato Costa’s team doctors will go to the scene to give vaccinations. Entrepreneur Nunzio Reina, who is also responsible for the production and wellness area at Confesercenti Sicilia, was the innovator of the initiative with the approval and cooperation of the authorities. In her beauty salon in the heart of Palermo, Rina prepared a sterile room, as well as the other rooms, with a cot, a desk and a computer. Other hairdressers are already showing their intent to join the commitment to help with the vaccination campaign. A good sign in an area that still has a significant minority of unvaccinated people.

9.17 – US judge blocks vaccination obligation for health professionals

A US judge blocks the vaccine requirement for health workers in all US states. The commitment imposed by President Joe Biden was due to go into effect next week. Judge Terry Doughty’s order expands Monday’s order in a federal court in Missouri, which initially covered only 10 states.

9.06 – The United States of America is nearing arrival, the premise of quarantine for all

The Biden administration is about to implement stricter health regulations for entry into the United States to prevent the spread of the Omicron variant. New requirements, captivate it Washington Post Three Federal Health Resources, will also apply to US citizens and provide to provide negative test Carried out the day before departure, regardless of vaccination and country of origin. The most controversial proposal concerns a seven-day quarantine obligation to all who arrive in the country, including US citizens, even if the test provided is negative. The plan is expected to be presented on Thursday.

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8.51 – Vaccines 5-11 years old according to Cts opinion, an expected defect between today and tomorrow

According to Adnkronos Health, the opinion of the Scientific-Technical Committee (Cts) of the Italian Medicines Agency Aifa on the Pfizer/BioNTech anti-Covid vaccine is likely to arrive between today and tomorrow. For children in the age group 5-11 years. The CTS meeting during which the topic will be discussed, after the green light received last week by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), will begin today 1 December and will continue until Friday 3. Experts meet for the three days from 9 to 19

8 a.m. – The Omicron variant has been in Europe for at least 10 days

The Omicron variant of Covid-19 has been in Europe for at least 10 days and appears to be already spreading in the Netherlands and elsewhere. We found the Omicron variant of the coronavirus in two test samples taken on November 19 and 23, the Dutch Ministry of Health said in a statement yesterday. It is not yet clear whether these people have also visited South Africa. Newspaper guardian It also points out that the evidence for the Omicron variant arriving in Europe earlier than previously known when Anthony Fauci, US President Joe Biden’s chief medical advisor, said the number of Omicron variant cases had reached .226 in 20 countries, although it did not. So far in the United States.

Raw 7.55.5British Minister of Health: Low efficacy of Omicron vaccines? Possible but they still protect us from severe forms

British Health Minister Sajid Javid said in an interview with Sky News that there is a possibility that vaccines will be less effective against the Omicron variant of the Corona virus, but that they still have to protect against serious diseases. Our best defense is still our vaccines.

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