Conflict between politicians and environmental activists in the United States

The new mayor of New York, after the historic precedent of the United States against China in the bitcoin mine, Eric Adams, Is ready to implement the economic plan to turn the Big Apple into a global capital for the crypto industry.

As an identification process, Adams He said he was ready to receive the first three months’ pay Salary Inside Digital currency. New York This is not the only city In the states We need to move towards this new form of payment that includes public administration.

Francis Suarez, The mayor of Miami, announced last February that he would accept both tax payments and allow municipal employees to take their salaries on the form. Bitcoin.

The American political class, however, seems to have clear ideas on the path to predicting increasingly widespread use. Encryption value, Their extraction is popular Harmful to the environment And can distract the country Objectives in the fight against climate change Signed in Glasgow on COP26.

For these reasons United States You notice the truth Conflict between politicians and environmental activists In Bitcoin and others Digital currencies.

Conflict between politicians and environmental activists in the United States over cryptocurrencies

Reported by Literary expert, A web site dedicated to measuring the effects of digital trends, energy expenditure A bitcoin transaction The same is true Amount consumed by the average American household per month. Also, there is only one draw Emission level From 1 million times Higher than one Single credit card transaction.

Last February, a study by the University of Cambridge found that bitcoins use more energy than a state like Argentina, which is enough to add to the index. The 30 most polluting countries on the planet.

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Another survey, conducted by the University of New Mexico, estimates that it will be available in 2018 Bitcoin worth $ 1, 0.49 cents, Have caused themselves Direct damage to human health and climate in the United States For the same amount. That is, the negative impacts have the same value of the transmission.

Will Bitcoin Affect Pitan’s Climate Plan?

Many groups operating in the field Environmental change Has sent a joint letter in recent months US Congress, Urging MPs to take action that is capable of confronting them Environmental risks with cryptocurrencies, With specific reference Bitcoin ed Ethereum.

In fact, the extraction of these two virtual currencies is mainly generated Fossil fuels, Leading to a potential increase in the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

The strategy for becoming a leader in the crypto world is therefore frustrating Pitton’s plan To achieveZero emission target by 2050.

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