Catania at Auction-7: That’s why no one in the US is interested in the club

Etienne cannot find an American investor despite the transfer of almost all Italian football to funds, star businessmen and celebrities.

When the accounts are good and the debt is virtuous, investors come from all over the world and especially from the United States. A few days ago, Atalanta was bought by a consortium of star entrepreneurs and planners led by Stephen Pagliuca. Acquisition of 55% of the shares of the parent company Dea, with a very high stake, the remaining 45% remained in the hands of the Percassi family and remained in senior management in a joint governance in which Pagliuca holds the position of co-chair. Atalanta is a model club, certainly the most profitable in Serie A, and in recent years, while Italy’s football system was mired in a sporting and economic crisis, it went against the tide, proving its resilience even in a time of pandemic.

Catania After making this hypothesis and looking at the story of Catania using a magnifying glass, one wonders why no American investor has yet taken an interest in Etna. We have found the answer. This hypothesis must first be made: American investors are attracted to the large margins of the business, so the commitment of those who take charge is not absorbed by the settlement of losses, but can focus on resources and projects for further development.

savior” – By the bed of a dying Catania and her debts crippled, the caring American was there. As everyone has known for a while, it was the investor Joe Takobina who in March of last year put 600,000 euros to allow some debt to be paid pending the acquisition of Etna a few days later. Who would an investor put money into such a risky business? But Tacopina made him eager to rebuild the Etna club and was driven by a Sicilian passion. It was Joe’s only lifeline, but after long and exhausting negotiations, complete with a signed and then torn initial purchase contract, the Italian-American lawyer was tired of endless backsliding with SIGI (the company that owns the club). Ferrara, where he will obviously not find the baroque charm of Catania but certainly more serious and transparent managers. Responsibility for this fatal outcome of Operation Tacopina lies with SIGI who pushed Catania into the abyss of historical failure after 75 years of history.

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give a picture – An insult to injury, too. Yes, because the damage to the image of Catania Calcio was enormous. The process with Tacopina went wrong from the point of view of accounting and image, it spread around the world as in the world of global communications, and the flutter of wings at Aci Castello has immediate effects also in China after a few minutes. What I learned from Itasportpress.itThe Tacopina case found space in American newspapers but above all in the New York offices of wealthy stars and striped businessmen. It was highlighted in the USA that for the first time an American investor lost money without becoming the owner of the club, let alone having the opportunity to influence decision-making processes. That is why from the United States no one is interested in Catania anymore. Thanks Sigi for making Catania fail twice.

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