Construction bonuses, banks will be able to allocate a balance to all VAT numbers

Construction bonuses, banks will be able to allocate a balance to all VAT numbers
07/01/2022 – The government confirms its intention to loosen the balance transfer links. The CEO introduced an amendment, which was approved tonight by the House Budget and Finance Committees, which are studying Transfer invoice From the decree “Help” (DL 50/2022).

The bill will be in the room next Monday.

Extension of construction bonuses and credit transfer

With the government reshuffle, banks will no longer be limited to making transfers in favor of Professional clients from the private sector, but they will be able to allocate credit to all parties other than consumers or users. In other words, no waiver can be made with respect to natural persons who act for purposes unrelated to any commercial, commercial, craft or professional activity carried out.

The other conditions introduced by the aid decision shall remain, namely:
– that the transferee has entered into a current account agreement with the transferring bank or with the parent bank;
Transferees are not entitled to make further transfers.

The change should resolve the current situation, which is paralyzed because banks have bought credits that they can no longer resell, and therefore no longer buy.

Superbonus, no extension

Expanded topics to which credit was to be transferred announced during a meeting between the majority and the executive branch It was requested by the Senate Industry Committee to approve the decision it had Government participated To assess the adoption of appropriate measures to unblock the assignment of credits.

At the same meeting between the majority and the executive branch, the government instead rejected any hypothesis to expand the Superbonus due to lack of coverage.

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The Revenue Agency, which corrected an official error in the Maximum Circular summarizing responses to ruling requests made in recent months, clarified that for single-family real estate units, expenditures incurred by June 30, 2022 are eligible for the subsidy. 30% of the total intervention by September 30, 2022, expenses incurred until December 31, 2022.

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