“I want to cancel the 44 billion euro agreement” – Corriere.it

“I want to cancel the 44 billion euro agreement” – Corriere.it

Now the question everyone is asking is: Twitter is really overrated because it hosts a large percentage of fake profiles or sexy transformation by Elon Musk In the Opt out of buying the popular social network This is attributed to the collapse of technology shares in the stock market last month, which led to a significant decrease in the founder’s assets Tesla And the SpaceX? What is certain is that the only lawyers working in the gold trade are now on Wall Street. Because after two months of negotiations, due diligence on fake profiles, and accounts scrutinized to the smallest detail to understand the true cost of contacting popular Twitter platform advertisers, Musk made his latest event: Give up buying Twitter. He alone has more than 100 million followers and with his tweets he ended up in the crosshairs of the US Securities and Exchange Commission, several times for connections capable of changing market dynamics. His parents argue that the platform founded by Jack Dorsey is inherently flawed.

That the real value is much less than the purchase promise of $54 per share in the form of an offer to buy She was imagined by a South African businessman last April. Because the really active users, which are believed to be around 330 million, are even less. Because bots, the fake profiles generated by AI algorithms capable of unleashing theses feed propaganda, are much more than the 5% that is the threshold value beyond which an agreement cannot be made. The company is sending the message back to the sender as well because last month it agreed to go through a transparency process by opening the Chamber of Secrets and the Data Room and explaining its business model and the true cost of communication to each of us. How valuable is our data to advertisers who profile us when we Tweet or express a preference when we repost a statement we share. For this reason, the company, which yesterday lost 5.1% in the stock market, announced that it will open a dispute with Musk.

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A fine of about a billion that he will have to pay That won’t be enough to repair the reputational damage it has suffered in recent months of allegations, denials, and vague announcements of the $44 billion buyout until this sudden turnaround. However, Musk defends himself by saying that many aspects of the agreement have not been respected. But more than a few financial analysts noted that Musk may have made the most of his leg in April. Surely no one would have imagined that in June Nasdaq, the tech stock index, leaves 29.5% on the way. Tesla has lost 25% since April 4, leaving nearly 250 billion in capital. Could they have ended up thinking since the takeover bid was also funded by shares of the popular electric car brand? Fabio Savelli

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