CaixaBank has expanded its financial services to nearly 500 more cities in rural areas in the past two years

CaixaBank has expanded its financial services to nearly 500 more cities in rural areas in the past two years

The authority expands the service to cities where it was not present thanks to the installation of ATMs and the arrival of mobile offices

During 2022 and 2023, CaixaBank expanded the coverage of its financial services network to a total of 484 new municipalities in rural areas, in which the entity had not had a presence until then. These new service points have been integrated thanks to the arrival of mobile offices and the installation of ATMs.

Among these municipalities, a total of 90 were included in Spain's Financial Inclusion Report, which identified a total of 243 points as populations of more than 500 where there is no face-to-face access to banking services. Of these 90 cities, 55 are covered with mobile offices and 35 with CaixaBank ATMs.

In October 2022, the banking associations AEB, CECA and UNACC signed a roadmap to promote financial inclusion in rural areas, with the aim of ensuring direct access to banking services in all Spanish municipalities, giving priority to those who do not have any personal access point.

The entities, recognizing the need to give small groups of the population access to all basic services, including financial services, are committed to working to strengthen their presence in areas at risk of financial exclusion and to expand coverage in rural areas. Thus, with the Financial Inclusion in Spain report, a total of 243 municipalities with more than 500 inhabitants without a face-to-face access point to banking services were identified.

Thanks to the actions taken by the group of entities within the framework of public-private cooperation, financial services and tendering processes have been deployed covering more than 90% of the 243 identified municipalities.

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As part of the efforts of the sector as a whole, CaixaBank, the first financial institution in Spain, has covered almost 40% of the total population identified in the Financial Inclusion in Spain Report.

In the past two years, the entity has gone further in this commitment and expanded its financial services to include 394 more municipalities, reaching in 2022 and 2023 a total of 484 more municipalities in rural areas.

Main network of branches and ATMs
CaixaBank has the widest network of branches and ATMs across the country to provide service in all types of locations, large and small. Specifically, CaixaBank's branch network is approaching 4,000 offices, where personalized service is offered to customers. This means a presence through a physical office in more than 2,230 municipalities. This network capacity allows the institution to reach practically every corner of the country and to be the only financial institution in 483 municipalities with which it is also committed to not giving up service.

In parallel with its office network, CaixaBank has mobile offices, providing face-to-face service to a total of 783 rural towns. At the beginning of 2024, CaixaBank has expanded the range of financial service it offers through its desktop mobile phones by 23% compared to the beginning of 2023, when the service reached 636 towns, representing an 82% progress with respect to the 430 towns in the region. End of fiscal year 2021.

This service allows users, whether they are clients of the facility or not, to carry out the most common banking operations, including the most prominent cash withdrawals, generating income, and paying receipts and taxes in localities that do not have a banking office or with restrictions that limit access to financial services.

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In addition, CaixaBank provides coverage through ATMs in nearly 300 cities in rural areas.

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