Born, why is the US increasing Italy’s air defense and sending more soldiers?

Born, why is the US increasing Italy’s air defense and sending more soldiers?

Other times who knows what would have happened. Came the announcement of the arrival of 70 new American soldiers in Italy – most of them heading to the base of the Aviano region, in Friuli, one of the strategic points of the coalition for the eastern flank. Thus, the decision reinforces the Quadruple Rapid Recruitment in the East (it was for the war in the former Yugoslavia), and confirms Italy as the region’s command.
A little less than 15 years ago, the Prodi government, due to the expansion of the Vicenza base building – known as the Dal Mullen Barracks – approached a government crisis. Things have changed, and in any case, the increase is modest in the roughly 13,000 American troops stationed in Italy, spread over far too many bases. The NATO summit in Madrid imposed sanctions for what the Russian invasion had unleashed: strengthening the presence of US military forces in Europe, including Italy, and bringing them back to a level not seen in more than twenty years. The opposite of what Donald Trump wanted to do.

After the invasion of Ukraine, the number of Americans in Europe increased to 100,000

About 300 thousand NATO troops are at the disposal of the Supreme Command, they will go to fortify the new units – land, sea, air and space – and they will be supplied by the Allies in accordance with the various political commitments undertaken by the state. leaders. There is no exact list yet. As for Italy, we are talking about 8 thousand men in Italy and 2000 in Hungary and Bulgaria, where Rome took the lead.

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The number of American military personnel in Europe after the Russian invasion rose to 100,000, a quarter of what it had been in the 1980s, at the height of the Cold War. The US Army in Europe is also part of response force generated And the “spearhead”, or 5 thousand soldiers of Highly prepared work team. This special force was first activated after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Most US forces are in Germany, 36,000, followed by Italy, the United Kingdom (9,000) and Spain (3,000).

In Italy, the US presence is spread over 120 bases

In recent years, the military presence of the Americans in Italy has increased as mentioned. In 2013, the bases with a US presence in Italy were 59, and now – according to some qualified observers – that has risen to about 120, along with other bases believed to be classified for security reasons. Not all NATO bases, there are four different types of structures: those granted to the United States under two agreements signed in the 1950s, which remain under Italian command while the United States has military control over equipment and operations; actual NATO bases (and thus with their own chain of command); Italian bases available to NATO on the basis of the NATO agreements and the Italian-US and NATO joint bases.

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