Road signs, 40% of those in Italy are irregular. Cancel all fines but you risk an accident

Road signs, 40% of those in Italy are irregular.  Cancel all fines but you risk an accident

Being on the road and driving is increasingly complicated not only by the risk of accidents or traffic: even road signs sometimes create confusion and doubts in the heads of motorists.

There have been many lately statistics and analyzes that cross some reportsTo light, the Italians have a certain difficulty in interpreting road signs.

For many citizens who drive their cars, the perception of doubt also arises from a feeling of irregularity: or rather, according to a large number of citizens, those The signals are not regular. That’s it?

there road signs, As you know, it was created with the specific intention of ensuring the best road conditions: to ensure that everyone is not left out, equal rights And a constant level of protection.

Indicate, for example, how to get to a specific place, or access a file vertigo, or having a speed cameras And so on and so on. But how many of these regular references really?

Traffic lights: normal or not?

the Citizens If they ask: yes they ask If, however, it is ascertained, especially from the point of view of fines, the Penalties they might be canceled. But is this possible? what is true. Let’s find out.

stop sign - (motorzoom)
stop sign – (motorzoom)

Some tags, eg road signs, According to some reports that have surfaced in recent weeks, they are not visible to the eye the driver: element of to observe Carefully, this.

there banners It must be orderly, unambiguous, as the European Union has repeated: and, unfortunately, modern statistics She reveals how this, on the contrary, seems to have played a role in increasing interest rates accidents road.

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Is it a matter of individual perception or is there actual wrongdoing? To confirm the suspicion was the example of a minister infrastructure, Matteo salvini, Which showed for some time that there is a problem in Italy banners.

Traffic lights and accidents: is there a relationship?

Yes in many ways they face mostly Violations: Signs that have been vandalized or signs of falling off or Developed So wrong others worn out due to time or lack of care.

Lines- (Motorzoom)

Another problem is often the problem of lack Strips to Land: Those of stop or precedence, or those Related to Parking. Where, for example, there were white stripes that then become blue, or vice versa.

In short, level confusion Which generates suspicion, skepticism, and sometimes, unfortunately, as mentioned, even potential increases in accidents. This is why intervention is so urgent.

Structural, futuristic, even in the same way one might think, perhaps, of using road signs Advertising Which, for example, graphically, on a visual level, can sometimes confuse and hide important road signs.

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