June 6, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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Commisso and the post-Fiorentina-Inter chaos: “We expect an official apology from Zhang”

Fiorentina Inter will undoubtedly remain in the history of this tournament not only for what happened on the pitch, with the daring victory of the Nerazzurri thanks to Mkhitaryan goal in the 95th minute, but also in the stormy post-match period. Let’s start from the facts, or suppose as such. According to Gazzetta dello Sport, Inter She would have announced that her coaches would be subjected to verbal attacks in the Franchi stadium during the match. Not only. At the end of the match, again according to the Nerazzurri club version, some of Viola’s managers had hit the locker room door with their fists.

The reconstruction which Fiorentina flatly rejected by an official note: “Fiorentina ACF categorically denied all rumors they attribute to President Commisso or other managers violating the violent behavior that occurred at the end of the match. – He reads a press release -. At the end of the match, President Commisso simply descended into the Fiorentina locker room to congratulate the coach and the boys on the excellent performance.“.

President Rocco Komisso – The purple club continues – An official apology is awaited by Inter, its president Stephen Chang and those who spread this false news, and the truth to be restored as soon as possible.“.

Milkovic renews until 2027: “I believe in the Fiorentina project”

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