Agnelli, rejected the appeal of salary adjustments

The CONI Guarantee Board rejected Andrea Agnelli's appeal on the salary maneuvering issue. The Federal Court of Appeal sentenced the former Juventus president to 16 months in prison, later reducing it to 10 months, while other Juventus coaches chose the plea bargain route. The judges rejected the appeal “because it was partly inadmissible and unfounded.”


Before the college at the hearing this morning Ugo Tausser, the sports prosecutor, had taken a clear position against Agnelli: “The memorandum submitted by the Italian Federation is acceptable to us, and therefore our position is to consider rejecting the appeal.” While the former president’s lawyer, Davide Sangiorgio, said: “How can a referee confirm a technical accounting violation without conducting the necessary investigations? There was no response from the Federal Prosecutor's Office, the Court or the Tribunal.” Then came the response from the Italian Federation's lawyer, Giancarlo Viglioni. “The Court of Appeal based its decision on factual elements. Moreover, the appeal is inadmissible in our opinion. What do the other topics do? They agreed to a plea deal, and obviously I don't have to remind anyone that a plea deal is not a sentence. But it is still an important fact.”

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