Rebek on Mourinho as a counterpart

Rebek on Mourinho as a counterpart

Maldini wants to bring Roma’s talent to the Rossoneri, but the negotiations will be long

The Milan Wants Niccolo Zaniolo And the first survey with Rome to assess the feasibility of the operation did not find the door open to the Gelorus, but it did not even close. negotiating a gem Mourinho It is complex and lengthy, but not impossible under the right conditions. if it was Rome He asks for at least 40 million euros Zaniolowill Milan It is to find the right formula to reduce the economic part with a counterpart welcomed by the Portuguese coach.

Zaniolo After all is the point of Paolo Maldini Who, having gathered the player’s interest in moving to the Rossoneri, began to study with Massara how to move to find a meeting point with Roma.

The first idea to include Saelemaekers in the process did not bring positive results, so the Rossoneri management is trying to withdraw another card from the deck: You are Rebek. The Croatian’s offensive flexibility blended with the match set by Mourinho in Rome, bringing his experience and ability to play multiple roles in attack.

It’s up to Mourinho to evaluate the process, but one thing is for sure: Zaniolo He’s in the devil’s eye and could be the Scudetto’s gift to the new Rossoneri monarchy.

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