CIC is concerned about Laporta's criticism of El PERIÓDICO

CIC is concerned about Laporta's criticism of El PERIÓDICO

The Information Council of Catalonia (CIC), the entity that works to express the will of the College of Journalists of Catalonia (CPC) and ensure compliance with the Code of Professional Ethics in Catalonia, wanted to “show its interest” in the statements. Made by FC Barcelona president, Joan Laporta, in which he discredits the information and work of EL PERIÓDICO journalists regarding allegations by construction workers at Camp Nou.

After noting that “killing the messenger is an old and ineffective practice that only leads to misleading information,” the entity wanted to make four considerations after Laporta accused this newspaper of publishing this relevant information to some “ideological tribes.”

In this sense, the CIC indicates, in a statement sent yesterday, that “when Mr. Laporta receives information about alleged labor violations in the remodeling work of the Camp Nou stadium under the sole pretext that it was carried out with ideological assumptions and without presenting any precondition.” “He accuses journalists of behaving unethically. We believe this is a serious accusation.” “Access to reliable and truthful information is one of the rights recognized in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The obligation to guarantee this right falls primarily on journalists. But people in representative positions are also responsible when speaking through the media,” the organization adds. .

“At a time when any debate is uncritically amplified on networks and creates groups isolated and in constant conflict, we believe that the free denial of the work of journalists leads to confrontation and can even reach hatred,” notes the CIC.

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