Hundreds of thousands of Germans protest against the far right

Hundreds of thousands of Germans protest against the far right

Today, Saturday, hundreds of thousands of demonstrators supported the call launched by more than 1,500 organizations across Germany against the far right. These marches had different forms, and were distributed in 150 cities, the largest of which was in Berlin.

“We are the firewall” was the popular slogan, referring to the cordon sanitaire around the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, which the rest of the political spectrum considers an ally. The goal of the Berlin gathering was to form a human chain around the Reichstag, the historic seat of the Federal Parliament, or Bundestag. The large influx of citizens – up to 300,000, according to Kambact platform figures, or half, according to the police – made this plan unworkable. It was quickly changed and those gathered were asked to simply hold hands, without trying to form a cordon around the Bundestag.

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In other cities, such as Dresden or Hamburg, there were similar concentrations. In addition to joint protests against the AfD, their aim was to demand stronger action from the political establishment against the far right and more support for projects in favor of asylum.

Among the 1,500 advocates were organizations such as Amnesty International, Pro-Asyl, trade unions, religious groups or environmental activists. Political parties have been excluded, with the clear aim of showing that this is a citizen's awakening, and not attributed to ideologies.

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