March 31, 2023

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Swimming, the historic first time in a mixed 4×100 race at the World Championships! Capital Corporation, USA Arch – OA Sport

It would not have been better to close the 2022 World Swimming Championships to Italy. At the swimming pool at the Duna Arena in Budapest Thomas will be (51.93), Niccolo Martinini (57.47), Federico Burdiso (50.63) and Alessandro Merisi (47.48) handed Bill Baysey his first-ever gold in mixed relay 4×100 at the World Long Track Championships (in short, he had already arrived last year in Abu Dhabi).

Really crazy performance! Who enters the history of Italian swimming by right. And besides gold, there’s more. In fact, the Blue Quartet also succeeded in this Equal to the European record set by Great Britain at the Olympic Games in Tokyo (3:27.51), which confirms the scale of the achievements of our standard-bearers today.

Swimming oh Lord of the water! Ceccon, Martinenghi, Burdisso and Miressi: Italy went in the mixed relay! World Champions, this is epic!

So the four Italians fared better than the United States, The world barge in this specialty. Ryan Murphy, Nick Fink, Michael Andrew, and Ryan Heald actually had to surrender to blue supremacy. Something that makes this gold medal more epic, if necessary.

Given the age of the various components of the Blue Quartet (21 Ceccon, 22 Martinenghi, 20 Burdisso, and Miressi 23), Other consequences of this titer also cannot be ruled out in the following major events. In the meantime, let’s enjoy the present and this glorious day of Italian swimming.

Photo: La Presse