Discover the most popular tourist destinations in the United States

The United States is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the fall and winter. The online booking site will help those who are thinking of arranging a long distance vacation Musical instrument, Which compiles a ranking of the most popular U.S. tourist sites in each of the 50 states based on the number of reviews made on Google. National parks and outdoor areas are undeniable heroes of the rankings.

The Grand Canyon National Park In Arizona, the urban oasis of Central Park in New York, The Barco is the oldest black water fall West Virginia and The Gulf Island National Coast In Mississippi, with beautiful beaches, they are an essential place. Theme parks and amusement centers excel in ten states. In particular, the theme park Disney They won in Florida (Walt Disney World) and California (Disneyland Park). Bush Gardens Williamsburg In Virginia, it is considered a European theme and one of the most beautiful theme parks in the world, e.g. Hershey Park In Pennsylvania, devoted entirely to chocolate.

Even the big hit Zoological Gardens e Fisheries The Henry Dorley Zoo in Nebraska is one of the largest in the world, the Georgia Aquarium is one of the largest in the world, and the Oregon Zoo is home to more than twenty endangered species. There are also eye-catching places for their uniqueness. This is the case Ark meeting Reconstruction of Noah’s Ark, built in Kentucky following Bible specifications, but Us Alabama, Converted into the WWII Warship Museum.

Church Street MarketIn Vermont, there is an open-air mall with music, street art and festivals throughout the year. Going back in time, d.He alamo, Texas, the country’s historic landmark. Symbol of South Dakota Monte Rushmore, The world’s most recognizable sculpture depicting four presidents, Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln, symbolizing the country’s birth, growth, development and security. More than two million people a year admire their faces carved into the rock, which is still popular with international cinema.

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If you want to indulge in modernity, the experience is worth living Fremont Street In Nevada, a generally American entertainment concept with bright lights, shows, shows and casinos. There really is something for everyone.

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