Christmas gifts, beware of the latest online scams

Buying and selling online is now more than just a spreading habit: just a click, a registered account and a money transfer enabled account or card and everything we need can reach our home in a few days. The same goes for me birthday presents, which many people buy easily online.

Taking advantage of the typical consumption boom in this period, they decided not to go on vacation “Package pending” scammers Which, after the first scams ended in April, is back on strike again.

How does the Christmas gift trick work

after the first Reports On the part of some users, it was enough to do some research to discover that the scammers in the suspended package came back to attack again.

But how does a file Christmas gift scam? Taking advantage of the traditional scam attempt, the scam aims to make those who buy online – recently or regularly – fall for it.


  • A user who buys online (or who buys Christmas gifts online this month) receives a short message which appears to belong to a company that deals with freight services (Poste, Gls, Bartolini, etc.);
  • The text of the message states that a Integral in stock in company warehouses awaiting receipt;
  • to recover package “forbidden”, the recipient is asked to click on a link (appears in the SMS) and enter the necessary data to be able to register the withdrawal.

However, the link is forged – and as soon as the victim clicks on the link – a file is created Forgery can be completed. The link will actually allow scammers Stealing sensitive data and your most important credentials (eg banks, credit cards, etc.), thus emptying the accounts of those who, unfortunately, did not recognize the fraud at any time at all.

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GLS warns: ‘Attention, danger of scams’

On the Scan Fake Text Scam Account As warned Gls who left the warning on the official website: “Attention, risk of fraud.”

“There have been fraud attempts with unauthorized use of the Gls trademark using SMS communications that appear to be coming from our company – the notice reads -. The messages in question, apparently sent from a GLS account, invite users to click on a fake link and indicate operations In-stock deliveries that require payment. We remind you that GLS does not send emails or SMS messages requesting payments through links to websites. We therefore call upon our customers and recipients not to disclose and report personal or banking data.”

Online scams, some additional info…

This is not the first time, unfortunately, such cases Online scams It is reported to QuiFinanza’s editorial board.

Here, for example, we talked about How phishing works and how to defend yourself (With more details about The number of online scams in the pandemic).

Here, then, we explained to you How to identify fake text messages that empty your account.

In general, however, the advice is be very careful When it comes to emails, SMS or messages of any kind that invite you to click on external links. In these cases, simply contact the official sources for more information about the received order, and then contact the company’s customer service or refer to the website.

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