“Thousands killed in US attacks, including on children”: New York Times reveals secret Pentagon documents

Thousands of civilians were killed in airstrikes by the United States because of reports from Intelligence Wrong and targets were selected hastily and inaccurately. It has been leaked since 2014 through hidden Pentagon documents about the US air campaign in the Middle East. New York Times. The photo, which is very different from the photo advertised by the US government, which has been talking for years about precision wars with drones and targeted bombs, is on the cards. Documents revealed by the official newspaper show that transparency in operations is often denied and many mistakes go unpunished. Explains that in many surgeries that go wrong, children also die Now, But no illegal or disciplinary action has been taken against the perpetrators in any case. Only in a few dozen cases will compensation be paid to the loved ones of the victims. U.S. Federal Command spokesman Bill Urban responded New York Times: இருந்தாலும் Despite the best technology in the world, mistakes can happen. We try to learn from the mistakes made.

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