This is the most beautiful car in the world: this model will make your heart beat

This is the most beautiful car in the world: this model will make your heart beat

What is the most beautiful car in the history of four-wheel drive? The survey seems to have answered the long-awaited question. And here’s the winner

Car enthusiasts and enthusiasts, especially those who are lucky enough to also be car collectors, have always had to request It is repeated.

Here is the most beautiful car ever (ANSA) –

Or whatever The Cardesigned and produced for the international market, The most beautiful and wonderful in history. A very difficult question to answer, since there are so many car models and because it obviously depends on each person’s personal tastes.

So opinions vary and conflict. To launch a reconnaissance In this regard, complete with almost unanimous responses, it was Novacare, one of the most famous shops selling historical structures in Italy. A company that also frequently relaunchs classic and vintage cars and is therefore an expert in high-value models.

The most beautiful car in history: a unanimous decision

Website for Novacare published Top 10 of the most beautiful cars And you always want to. But let’s focus immediately on the car that wins this special classification.

It turns out that the most beautiful thing in history is, according to the aforementioned poll, Ferrari 250 GTO. A luxury sports car that sparked the madness of red color lovers and lovers of prestigious cars in general. Below are the winning and attractive features of this model.

there Ferrari 250 GTO It was born as a road car and as a race car. Produced by the Modena automobile manufacturer in the early 1960s. The red car par excellence remains one of the most famous and appreciated cars of all time.

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Ferrari 250 GTO (ANSA) –

The number 250 indicates the displacement of each cylinder 3000cc V12 engine While GTO stands for “Gran Turismo Omologata”. This abbreviation was not used for several years until the introduction of the Ferrari 288 GTO in 1984. The fact that it is considered the most beautiful car of all time is reinforced by the fact that in 2018 it was recognized as the most beautiful car of all time. Copyright protection, effectively equating it to a work of art. The first time in history for a passenger car.

It is impossible to resist the ancient and elegant charm of this product Ferrari Red fire. On November 13, the Ferrari 250 GTO will be auctioned in New York, with prices expected to reach €60 million.

On the platform of this classification of the most beautiful cars there are two other Italian creations: the historical car, which ranked third Alfa Romeo Giulietta SpiderShe became an icon due to her appearance in many films of the fifties and sixties. While in second place is another wonderful Alfa car, which is 8C competitionA true tribute to the first sports cars in history.

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