February 8, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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Christian de Sica: “In the social images of dinners and fancy motor boats. But is it possible to become like these peasants?”

How do you define some photo and video posts on social media that flaunt wealth, luxury, and luxury? “And how do I define them?” peasants. previously. ‘Na farmer. It was said thus, that it has a name and above all a title: Christian de Sicarepresentative of cinepanettoni and holidays somewhere, from Christmas, to the Caribbean to Mars.

He himself, the best translator of the Roman general, purged by force or even coercion and that’s it, says decisively enough about some “odd behavior” on Facebook and Instagram that appeared in several profiles in August. 5 star villas for elders, dinners in very luxurious restaurants, diving from dream boats, and so the parade prevails and the followers of the influencers increase exponentially.

“But some people have not broken their balls to spread what they are eating, while they are cuddling and then hating each other, the disco scenes are all the same, the snorkeling from the luxury motorboats that scuba diving has bought? And that’s it. But that’s it. But. Can we be peasants? this way? “.

This says De Sica in his latest Instagram Stories movie. He is the protagonist of characters looking for the excesses of divulging fortunes that are often fake and thus highly ostentatious, setting off in a candid critique of the typical rampant malpractice of superficiality and a lack of pathological values ​​that are only as good on set as funny caricatures of some characters. But getting them into a social media life of bragging remains just ‘Na cafonata’.

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