Thank you very much, Piero Angela: Your life has allowed me to do mine

Thank you very much, Piero Angela: Your life has allowed me to do mine

by Iacopo Benesperi

I am one of many children Piero Angela (Educated children, of course) I would like to take this space to thank him for his work and his life that has allowed me to do me. With a willingness to science I was born a little, but thanks to Angela I developed a real one passion For everything related to scientific knowledge.

Since the first years of primary school I have not missed the weekly appointment with SuperQuark And I think I still have all my VHS devices somewhere in the house Journey to the universe. Piero Angela’s television broadcasts have been a reference point for many years and have been of great importance in exercise I think of school age. Starting with the nature documentaries at the beginning of the episode, which allowed me to understand just how amazing and fragile the planet we live in, left me convinced Environmentalists, down to the various successive models that covered all sectors of science and medicine, thus expanding my scientific knowledge and individual opinions; To finish the cute but always deep caricature of Bruno fee.

Not only did SuperQuark help shape my thinking; You literally helped define an important part of my life. I was in my last year of high school, in fact, still hesitating as to which path to take in September at university, when a fine evening (if I remember correctly) May or June, in his column dedicated to PhysicsPaco Lanciano introduced a new gum, as a result of research conducted by some Italian universities. Obviously the glue itself wasn’t important, but Lanciano mentioned Bachelor of Science in Materials Science. These five minutes of broadcasting would have changed my life. Materials science was actually a synthesis of all my interests: a combination of chemistry and physics aimed at discovering new materials; As much as I care about the goal of reducing human impact on nature, in line with my environmental thinking.

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At the time (and frankly even today) materials science was an unknown category and I wouldn’t have discovered it in time to make my life choices had it not been for SuperQuark. Instead, in September of that year, I registered in Pisa for my BA, then moved to Turin for my MA and arrived today, where I continue to do University Research in the photoelectric field.

It was precisely in Turin that I had the opportunity to get to know Angela’s other side better, the musical side. In fact, I too, an amateur musician, could hear it on the piano during one of the jazz festivals organized in the city. In short: I have never had the pleasure of shaking his hand and thanking him for everything he has done for me, but I am convinced that Angela was aware From the imprint she left in the hearts of many and above all in the minds of many. To go back to my degree choice, in fact, after a short personal survey, the result was that 70% of my new classmates were there that year Precisely because they were like me, that evening, they watched SuperQuark. I am also convinced that this show has inspired many other young people over many years to pursue a scientific career.

I haven’t had a chance to watch SuperQuark in a few years, mainly because I no longer live in Italy and it’s hard to follow Italian broadcasts, but now that I can catch up on Rai Play!

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And therefore: Thank you Piero AngelaFrom the heart, for all you have given us in all these years.

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