April 2, 2023

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Mara Venier, and what does her partner Nicolas do: 80-year-old witch: here they are together

With him, Mara Venier finally finds the serenity and complicity she had not found in the past with her other loved ones. Among the many we remember the very famous one with Jerry Calla and with whom the “Sunday Lady” remained on an excellent relationship of friendship. But who is the man who succeeded in making Mara Venier fall in love with him?

So far the two have been wife and husband for 16 years and seem closer than ever. We don’t know the secret to this much complicity, but it certainly seems like being honest with each other and trusting your partner are key ingredients in this relationship as well as mutual respect and support. So who is this man who managed to seduce and conquer the much-loved “Aunt Mara” as all his fans now amicably call her?

All About the Man Who Stole the Heart of “The Sunday Lady”

Only a man like him could enter the life of the famous broadcaster and be able to give him all this love, that affection and this stability. Even now, after the various amorous ups and downs that have already hurt her, the beautiful Mara Venier seems to think she has not found more. We remember, in fact, that the Sunday Lady had already been married twice: the first time with the actor Francesco Veracini from whom she bore her daughter Elisabetta while still a minor, and the second time instead in the eighties with the very famous actor Jerry Calla who had cheated on her several times. He had other important stories such as that of Renzo Arbor, Armand Assante and Pier Paolo Capone. The latter made her mother a second time to a boy named Paolo Capone who, in turn, gave his mother the great joy of becoming a grandmother five years ago.

Nicola, his great love

Therefore, the man who stole Mara Venier’s heart is producer Nicola Carraro. It seems that the relationship between the two, as pictures on social media show, is going like a fairy tale even if there are two other women in the man’s heart. In fact, Nicola Carraro also has a past when he met the beautiful Mara Venier: he was married from 1963 to 1980 with Adonella Colonna di Baliano who recently passed away. His three children were born from this union: Giada, Ginevra and Gian Girolamo. His two daughters are the other two women in Aunt Mara’s husband’s life. A large family seems calm and happy today as never before.

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