You have 7500 euros immediately and do not pay the stamp duty forever, rejoice at the new news

You have 7500 euros immediately and do not pay the stamp duty forever, rejoice at the new news

Positive news reaches the front of cars.

The automatic rewards have been upgraded and improved, come families a big double savings.


First of all, there is a bonus for buying a new car, but there is also a bonus of 3,500 euros for improving your old car And until help arrives to stop paying the stamp duty.

New useful rewards

Let’s see how the three new bonuses work. First of all, there is a bonus for buying the new car.


You will have up to €7,500 if you buy a new low-emission or zero-emission car and get rid of your old car. To get this bonus, you must have an ISEE in the range of €30,000. Maximum bonus is obtained if you buy An electric car or a zero-emissions car and the old car is scrapped. In this case you will have only 7500 euros. On the other hand, the numbers will be lower if you don’t get rid of your old car and buy a low-emissions car. But in the front of the car there is also a so-called retrofit bonus.

Bonus on retrofit and re-seal

The retrofit bonus is very special because it allows you to get it 3500 euros if you replace the old polluted engine of your car Modern electric motor. This is a personal income tax deduction of 60% and allows you to facilitate retrofit expenses up to a limit of 3,500 euros. But there are also new possibilities for saving in the car tax. In fact, with the purchase of an electric car, the car tax is no longer paid. But not only electric car buyers are exempt from road tax.

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Scan stamps or 20% off for everyone

Even those who have an old car or those who have a car are covered by Law 104 for the Handicapped He may no longer pay car tax. But also for those who do not fall into these very special categories if they have the possibility to get a 20% discount on the stamp. In fact, all citizens can request to pay the car tax with their domicile on the current account. By doing this specifically, they will have a 20% discount on the stamp duty. This is definitely a great savings opportunity for families and owning it means reducing road tax costs significantly. However, not all regions adhere to these initiatives, and so it is important to know if your region allows the auto tax deduction.

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