Bad luck, Harry and Meghan asked for Millionaire’s Preferences: the indiscretion that offends them

Bad luck, Harry and Meghan asked for Millionaire’s Preferences: the indiscretion that offends them

Judging by what has emerged in the past few hours, Harry and Meghan seem to have had no problems being “interrogated” left and right.

Not a day goes by without talking about it Harry and Megan, especially after the release of the autobiography of the prince, Speer – the Younger, which contains accusations against members of the royal family. In fact, Harry targeted his father in his tome, King Charles IIIAnd his brother, Prince Williambut she did not spare even the wife of Queen Camilla and Princess Kate.

Harry and Meghan once again at the center of controversy – Photo ANSA –

Many believe that his wife, Megan Markle, was behind these constant stabbings by the prince, but recent rumors reveal that the relationship between the two is not idyllic at all. In public, the former Suits actress always shows herself Smiling, calm and totally relaxed Along with her husband, but for British tabloids they would now be the couple in short quarrels.

Even gossip from the US reported that Harry and Meghan had one Fierce fighting in the street, in Montecito (California), where they chose to move in 2020 by renouncing the royal titles. Clashes so heated that police intervention is required.

Harry and Meghan are real “independents”: the Duchess wants to live in luxury

But what caused Harry and Meghan’s relationship to deteriorate so much? According to the royal biographer Tom Bauerbestselling author ofRevenge: Meghan, Harry, and the War Between the WindsorsOne reason is Markle’s initial belief in Harry’s economic availability. The former actress, Power told GB News, She was actually convinced that the Duke of Sussex was worth hundreds of millions of dollars. None of this: Harry’s bank account was actually $10 million, which he inherited from his mother, the unforgettable Lady Diana.

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The millionaire gifts ordered by Harry and Meghan – Photo ANSA –

Obviously, however, this is a “brutal” personality, but clearly not enough for Meghan Markle’s ambitions. Indeed, the Duchess You desire a life of unparalleled luxury: With the imagined bank account it was possible, with the real account it does not seem so. According to Bower, it was precisely because of this aspect that the Sussexes had no problem with the question Go ahead millionairereceiving multi-million dollar gifts: just think of their gifts honeymoon In George Clooney’s villa in Como but also in Archie’s children’s bathroom, where the couple didn’t spend a dime.

Details that only increased the distance between Harry and Meghan, with British newspapers They also talk about divorce as a possible scenario. King Charles III has been pushing in this direction: rumors reveal that the monarch was going to vouch for Meghan A type of severance pay of 50 million pounds To “free” Harry and allow the Prince to return to the fold.

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