Aurora Ramazzotti, her younger sisters are angry with her: “They pulled Macombe” | What did he do to them?

Aurora Ramazzotti, her younger sisters are angry with her: “They pulled Macombe” |  What did he do to them?

Aurora Ramazzotti, her younger sisters are angry with her. “I was getting makumba,” his colorful statement. Story facts.

The eldest daughter of the legend Eros It is divine Michelle Hunziker Like a river in flood. This time his statement was really powerful and shook the souls of many of his fans in a short time. While his famous mother returned to television to take on the role of judging the talent show I sing the generationShe enjoys her life to the fullest A very young mother to little Cesar.

However, he does not forget about work. In fact it always is Jameela is active as an influencer and known as a martyr For various brands and many companies. Furthermore it, Shortly after birth Which took place in the same famous Swiss clinic after she gave birth many years ago MichelleShe came back soon In shape.

However, it must also be said that until the end she always performed with a certain regularity Lots of physical activity and sports. He is also very young and still has it Nice active metabolism. And definitely follow Such a little kid It leads to always moving at a thousand speeds. But she also finds some time Dedicated to his fans On social media where she is very active.

Aurora Ramazzotti, her younger sisters are angry with her, “They were dragging Macombe.”

And honestly, especially on his official Instagram profile which has a huge following. Here he also gives us many interesting tips related to the wide world of beauty. As it appears to us Her life as a parent. In fact, there are quite a few photos that show her with her Puppy him But that’s not okay now. In fact, he got bad bronchitis.

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Obviously, this is a seasonal disease the coldPolarity in some cases, which has affected many regions of our country, especially in recent days. The fact is that it is also, The wonderful Aurora and her companion GoffredoAnd also my father Caesarthey have been arrested A terrible intestinal virus. At that point Mother Michelle She ran to help them but made a fatal mistake in doing so. And now the younger sisters are angry with Ori. “They were pulling a MacCompass.”I actually took the initiative.

Aurora Ramazzotti

Every sick, deadly embrace is to blame

Basically a showgirl goes to her daughter’s house to pick up her grandson He had an unhealthy idea of ​​hugging her. And so she was arrested as well The disease, which he then passed on to his two young daughters, Sol and CelesteHe was born during his second marriage, which ended more than a year ago, with a witch Tommaso Trussardi.

However, as revealed Oriwhich although it is not well, He didn’t lose his smile at all His wonderful irony is that his mother takes care of everyone with love. The girl expressed openly Lots of praise for the mother Who, despite his illness He was able to take care of his creatures and entertain them with toys.

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