“Every action has a result”

“Every action has a result”

Maurizio Ganz He was interviewed today by Corriere dello Sport. was a team coach Milan women He talked about the Rossoneri’s season, his goals, as well as about Valentina’s farewell lilies:

We left this year to repeat last year’s excellent season: Now we aim to put ourselves in the Champions League and we are in the Coppa Italia semi-finals. The Super Cup burns me, especially because we lost it (in the recovery period). Overtime would be the right ending, but it was a great match. We flipped so many races, we have to believe in it along the way, paying attention to the final whistle, that’s what Juve do.”

About opponents:Juventus are making their own way. We, Inter, Sassuolo, Roma and Fiorentina must organize ourselves to be more competitive. We all have to grow, but we do, only in this way can we reduce Juve’s supremacy. Champions League makes the difference, financial commitment makes the difference: If you have these differences, the best foreigners are the ones to pick you

Ganz Giacenti Milan

About its goals: Milan gave me a lot, saying ‘yes’ to this challenge was also a comeback. Women have come a long way, getting better and better because they know they can do no wrong. I hope to give a trophy to Milan, but at the same time develop the movement. I am at the disposal of the football that entered me. In the feminine there is enthusiasm. In training women to give 100%, I love to work in the field and they follow me, they do not skimp on fatigue, but exceed fatigue. The special donnas are there, but if they work for the group, that’s not a problem

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On the farewell to Gisente and the arrival of Alia Ghawani: It has been difficult. But you have to know that For every action there is a consequence. Aaliyah is also great as a person, and she was good at accepting our proposal. She was unlucky last year, but she’s fine now

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