Meteor, this time the danger is very high: everyone is running for cover

Meteor, this time the danger is very high: everyone is running for cover
Meteor – Technological passion

Very often, flying objects such as meteorites fall on the planet Earth, often causing huge damage to the world’s population and the environment in general.

Recently, a meteorite crashed on the planet Earth, and at the moment scientists from all over the world continue to search for the fragments derived from it, to learn more about its source, thus adding valuable information compared to what we have already known about meteorites for some time now: let’s discover together what we know yet about it.

This meteor had traveled for quite some time before crashing into planet Earth. One difference, however, which distinguishes it from the many other episodes which occurred in the past, is the fact that the latter was witnessed by many witnesses, who bore witness to the incident.

It was precisely on the testimony of all these witnesses that a search for the fragments was commenced accordingly, so that we could extrapolate as much information as possible regarding their origin, even with an offer of $25,000 to whoever could find the fragments.

In particular, what the witnesses spoke of was a large sized fireball, which was immediately followed by an azure trajectory for several moments, despite the fact that it happened in broad daylight in this case.

Event details

In fact, the event would have occurred around lunchtime, at least as regards the testimonies of several Americans who witnessed the accident, in Maine, or in the northeastern United States. It was the witnesses who reported the incident to the local authorities in Maine, and thus began a real search for its fragments, which were scattered throughout the American territory.

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Thus, all the reports reached the most important agency, NASA, which clearly confirmed the nature of the meteorite that crashed on the planet Earth, and also confirmed that its fall was immediately detected and also reported by some radars located on American soil. Based on the latest news, it is estimated that the weight of the wreck ranges from approximately 100 to 322 grams, although at present it is not excluded that there may be fragments of larger dimensions, which have not yet been found.

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A meteorite on Earth – a technological passion

Right now, we still know very little about this meteorite, but we’re sure that astronomers will soon shed light on the fragments they find over the next few weeks or months.

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