De Rossi in the press conference after the Roma-Lazio derby, live broadcast

De Rossi in the press conference after the Roma-Lazio derby, live broadcast

the Rome She came back to win Derby to hit Lazio to Igor Tudor Thanks to Goal Gianluca Mancini. After the match, the coach's feelings and analysis Daniele De Rossi, who won his first match with the Biancocelesti as coach of the Giallorossi. Reread all data, and retrieve the live broadcast.


Mancini after Florenzi

Gianluca Mancini is the first Italian Roma defender to score in a derby match against Lazio in the Italian League since Alessandro Florenzi, on 3 April 2016, and in this case also from a corner kick. Source: Opta.


De Rossi Only Garcia and Di Francesco have started better for Roma

Daniele De Rossi collected 26 points in 11 matches with Roma (8 wins, 2 wins, 1 loss): only Rudi Garcia (31) and Eusebio Di Francesco (27) had better in their first 11 matches with the Giallorossi in the Italian League, in three matches. . Points for a win (since 1994/95). Opta reminds us of this.


Mancini waves the flag under the south and then apologizes

Gianluca Mancini apologizes after celebrating under the Curva Sud (look here).


Blanco is the champion of the Rome derby

Blanco, who has always been a Giallorossi fan, appeared under the southpaw wearing a Roma shirt (look here).


Roma, the players return to the field to celebrate under the leadership of the South

Roma players celebrate after the final whistle (Watch the video).


Mancini's goal during the Roma Club celebration in New York

New York, incredible celebration after Gianluca Mancini's goal in the derby (Watch the video).


Roma wins the derby, a big celebration in New York

What a celebration in the United States for De Rossi's victory over Roma in the derby: look here


Guendouzi, also shines with Bove in the derby

Not only with Paulo Dybala, Guendouzi was also the protagonist in the on-pitch exchange with Bove (look here).


Ibrahim on social media: “Happy to be back!”

“Hey guys, glad to be back, go to Rome!”Tammy Abraham said in the video posted by Roma on their official social media channels.


Derby, what a Chanel Totti fan in the stands

Francesco Totti's daughter celebrates the victory of the Roma team led by De Rossi at the Olimpico (look here).


He will face Roma and Milan in the Europa League on Thursday

After winning the derby, it is time for De Rossi's Roma to focus on the European Premier League challenge with Pioli's Milan (All information).


De Rossi, exciting dedications

After the Roma-Lazio match, De Rossi sent emotional dedications to his players (I read here).


Immobile attacks Roma: “There are those who celebrate in style and those…”

Ciro Immobile spared no effort for the Roma players after the derby match (Read more).


De Rossi gifted to his wife from Japan

His wife Sarah's emotional dedication to Daniele De Rossi: look here

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Abraham to DAZN: “De Rossi is an emotional coach”

Tammy Abraham, who took charge during the derby restart, told DAZN: “We are satisfied, for me it is a special match but the season has to end in the best possible way. I think that when I returned to the field and the crowd chanted my name I felt an inexplicable emotion. It was exciting, but I went in and helped the team. De Rossi? Really emotional, you can tell from his voice the importance of the match. This thing is really important to us. “He still feels like a player inside and we are happy to work with him.”.


De Rossi in the press conference: “Champions? We are there”

Qualifying for the next Champions League is closer than ever, but step by step: “A great friend of mine told me: When it comes down to it, we will be there. And today we were. We have the problem of having too many strong teams close. In a normal world, Bologna would be 10th, instead they are 4th and are 4th.” great team. But we are there”.


De Rossi in the press conference:

First derby as Roma coach, first win. DDR dedication at the press conference: “I don’t know, there are many people to whom I give an idea. If I think about this joy, I think about my father. He taught me everything. I tried to follow my path.”.


De Rossi in the press conference: “Smalling? He can't play two matches in a row.”

De Rossi explained Chris Smalling's current circumstances: “Smalling can't play two games in a row, in Milan we won't have N'Dika and Heusen, that's what I thought…”.


De Rossi in the press conference: I heard Garcia before the derby

De Rossi then revealed the pre-match details: “I heard from Garcia, today he wished me good luck. I think I'm the happiest man in the world, and I think there's no one happier than me. Actually, no, there is: my father. He stays home with the family.” “The coverage is because he is suffering from the derby, but maybe he is happier than me.”.


De Rossi in the press conference: The derby is not a match like other matches

De Rossi added, between the present and the future: “The derby is not a match like the other matches, it's a lie. However, we must be good at extinguishing this enthusiasm now. Let's think about each match individually.”.


De Rossi in the press conference: “If we are united to this extent…”

Realism and a little sarcasm in De Rossi's statements during the press conference: He added: “The boys were very good, even without doing the things I did when I left the team with ten players… If we are very united, who knows, maybe we will move forward in Europe and maybe we will finish one of the places in the league.” Champions League. But let's stay calm.”.


Roma, Mancini waves the flag at the end of the derby

Celebrating the winner of the evening's match at the end of the Roma-Lazio match (look here).

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De Rossi to DAZN: “Call me Mr. Present”

From the eternal “Captain of the Future” to the “Master of the Future”, but now it's time to talk about the present: “Now I would like to say present gentleman, – De Rossi identified – Because I had never felt more present, I was not part of the dynamic even though I came to the field to encourage and support the players. Coming back had an impact on me but every impact is an adrenaline rush. I lived the derby in peace, and I do not know the future. Right now I'm only thinking about the present. “We know Milan well, and we will face them a little more comfortably.”.


De Rossi goes crazy under the Curva Sud

At the end of the derby, Daniele De Rossi celebrated today's victory with Roma fans (look here).


De Rossi to DAZN: “My advantages are there, and we are working hard”

When you win, the work of the coaching staff is often underestimated: “I'm not someone who likes to be fakely humble, I'm not that type. The boys were really good today and obviously the advantages of the coaching staff are there. The advantages are there because we work hard every day.” “We put in a huge effort from day one. Then obviously we need the players on the field, who have to interpret what we are trying to convey to them in training. I focused on something they can do better, we saw well the results, others not so much because the latter It was really bad. The inventory is done at the end of each week when you go to see what is missing. I coached in the second division for a short time. We only talked about the former footballer and the results did not help to talk about anything else. Here I found a team that helped me become famous. I read how the Romanian critics received the Lecce match. I know that they will not forgive me for anything, but “It's true because I want to be treated like a real coach.”.


De Rossi to DAZN: “Lukaku and Abraham? I needed these two horses”

In the final, Roma's attack changed for De Rossi as well: “I needed these two horses up front at the end, who were going to go to Alvin, in terms of fitness and characteristics. We know Romelu, and Tammy better, but he has been training with us for two weeks. Since I arrived, he said, 'I'm every day,' “I can't wait.” “I can't wait,” he couldn't wait to play a match like this. “Obviously you have to be patient and not rush.”.


De Rossi to DAZN: “At half-time, I thanked the boys”

A completely different match from Lecce: “Lecce lacked the second balls, but today the boys gave everything, and they also went further thanks to the motivation that the derby gives you. It goes beyond that famous centimeter. At the end of the first half I thanked them, because they did all that”. “I asked him. So, the way I see football, we should see Roma in the derby also in matches like the one against Lecce.”.


De Rossi to DAZN: “A little cinema has been made under the curve”

De Rossi then spoke about the celebrations at the end of the 90 minutes: “There was a bit of cinema at the end of the game, but that's also great at the end of a derby win. Credit to the players, those guys, and then the curve practically forced me to go with them to celebrate always.” “Unbelievably beautiful feelings”.


De Rossi to DAZN: “It's always nice to win the derby”

These are De Rossi's first words to DAZN: “It's always nice, and winning the derby is always nice. We felt incredible anticipation, like the best of times, when we were playing for something really big. I ran, I moved, and the last minutes were really tough. I asked the team 'If the scoreboard breaks Because the last minutes never passed. “It was really unbelievable.”.


Rome, in honor of Di Bartolomei

Roma fans honor Di Bartolomé before the start of the derby: look here

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Dybala and Guendouzi quarrel in the final

In the last minutes of the match between Roma and Lazio, there was intense tension between Dybala and Guendouzi (look here).


Mancini to DAZN: “We haven't won for a long time, I'll keep the shirt”

This is the immediate analysis of Gianluca Mancini's winner in the Roma-Lazio match: “The derby was won after a long time with my goal. The tenth derby, I missed the goal, I missed the derby, it's nice. We haven't won for a long time and they deserve it (the fans, ed.).” “The important thing is to win, for them, at the league table and the locker room. I gave the shorts to these wonderful fans. I want to keep the shirt because it is the shirt that scored the first goal in the derby.” the bow? It's because of this amazing curve. When I record, my bow goes to them, because they're really great. infection? I had a few little problems, and then during the break they warmed me up and gave me something, and I felt a little better. And also because you always want to play these games and above all win. Go to Rome!”.


Roma Lazio, De Rossi analysis coming soon

Roma won the capital derby, beating Igor Tudor's Lazio thanks to a match-winning goal scored by Gianluca Mancini, who did well to complete the assist from Dybala's flag in the first half. Analysis by Daniele De Rossi shortly after the race.

Olympic Stadium – Rome

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