Champions League – Celtic-Lazio 1-2, report cards: Pedro Jomla, Felipe Anderson dismissed

Champions League – Celtic-Lazio 1-2, report cards: Pedro Jomla, Felipe Anderson dismissed

Celtic vs Lazio 1-2, a match valid for the second day of the Champions League group stage, ended 1-2 thanks to goals from Furuhashi, Vecino and Pedro. With this result, Lazio reaches Atletico Madrid in first place.

Below are the votes of the match’s champions to understand the course of the match.

Celtic report cards

HART 5.5; Johnston 6, Phillips 5.5 (62′ Carter-Vickers 6), Scales 6, Taylor 5.5; O’Reilly 6.5, McGregor 6, Hattat 6 (72′ Paulo Bernardo 5.5); Maeda 6.5, Furuhashi 6.5 (86’HG Oh sv), HJ Yang 6 (62’Palma 6.5) All Rodgers 6

Lazio report cards

Providil 5.5: Furuhashi’s shot bounces down the middle but it’s too close. It’s not very responsive, but it can’t be condemned either.

Lazari 6: In the first half he tried to push his path, receiving little cooperation from Felipe Anderson. In the second half, think more about the coverage phase. (From 84′ Marosek SV)

Patrick 6: He was preferred over Casal for his greater speed due to the characteristics of the Scottish attack. He doesn’t make mistakes.

Romagnoli 6: Furuhashi missed the occasion of scoring the goal, but he redeemed himself in the end with an caretaker shot on Palma that went into the net.

Hisage 5.5: Suffering from Maeda’s offsides, Celtic’s goal comes from his own penalty area. It is limited exclusively to the defensive phase, without moving forward.

Kamada 5.5: He is not comfortable in the role of right midfielder and he confirmed that this evening. No flash of gameplay, just normal management.

Luis Alberto 6.5: He is clearly the most technical player out of the 22 players on the pitch. Lazio’s ideas come exclusively from his feet, and in the end Sarri saves him a few minutes from a tournament perspective. (From 68′ Guendouzi 6.5: He enters as the protagonist by offering winning assistance to Pedro)

Felipe Anderson 4.5: Bad evening for the Brazilian, as he guessed practically nothing. He misses a lot of passes and always makes the wrong choice on some plays in the box. complicated. (From 68′ Isakson 6: He also participated in the winning goal, otherwise we wouldn’t see much.)

Felipe Anderson, Celtic Lazio, Getty Images

Image source: Getty Images

Property 5: Perhaps because he is not supported by the wingers, he receives few playable balls and is limited to making few plays for his teammates. Never dangerous. (From 72′ Castellanos 5.5: She received a yellow card after an overhead kick hit Carter Vickers in the face.

Zakagne 5: Lots of dynamism, but little cohesion. A few dollars and a little more, Zacajne is not the best. (From 84′ Pedro 7: Man of heavy goals. It is no coincidence that he scored such an important goal in the 95th minute. A cunning header, precision before power. Decisive.


Mo: “Goal? In the meantime, let’s consider qualification, if possible, as a priority.”

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