“There are no developments,” Gazzetta di Modena

“There are no developments,” Gazzetta di Modena

The topic is so delicate and full of nuances that it is difficult to give clear answers. Perhaps also, if not above all, for this reason Sassuolo prefers not to comment on the words of Rogerio’s agent who, as is well known, announced that the sale of the left-back to Spartak Moscow was skipped because Sassuolo (or rather «Mapi Group») decided not to negotiate with a Russian club after the Moscow company accepted the player’s requests and decided to offer at the negotiating table the amount of 8 million euros.

The general manager, Giovanni Carnevale, simply issued a curt “no developments” to Ansa, indicating that the company didn’t want to talk about the matter. The geopolitical, economic implications (Mabee in Russia has a production plant, in Stupino, also inaugurated with the then Serie B match of Sassuolo) and ‘moral’ elements are intertwined in this story that stemmed, more trivially, from Rogerio and his entourage’s decision to leave Sassuolo and Sassuolo.

The Brazilian’s history with Serie A is every bit as bizarre: he arrived on a two-year loan from Juventus, where he played at Primavera without making his first-class debut, in 2017, and has since played 137 Serie A matches, scoring two goals, over six seasons. “Year 7 Crisis” meant that the player requested a transfer.

Galatasaray came first and then Port, with offers deemed unsatisfactory, while Spartak Moscow was satisfied, from an economic point of view, both the player and, at least theoretically also, the black and green club, which nevertheless decided, as mentioned, not to negotiate.

Vinicius Pratis, Ruggiero’s lawyer, did not take things well at all. “We negotiated for two weeks with Spartak, the player and Sassuolo. As soon as the negotiations ended, we received a phone call in which the Mapei group informed us that they would not agree to negotiate with the Russians. They should have warned immediately: it was disrespectful to everyone “, he said two days ago, specifying later that whoever wanted Rogerio would have to speak only to him and the player (who, however, is owned by Sassuolo …).

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But why didn’t Sassuolo negotiate a transfer if the agent was so certain of the successful completion of the sale? The Neroverde club has said several times that if a player wants to leave they must bring in a club determined to pay the required amount, this is likely where Prattes’ words come from. How will the story end? Rugerio won’t end up in Russia, but it will likely sell for less.

So as not to leave Sassuolo without goals at the end of next season.

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