“The Mountain” and “Trentino’s Wine Telling”, Nerio Pederzoli, Attilio Cienza and Rosa Roncador win the Bruno Lunelelli Library Prize

“The Mountain” and “Trentino’s Wine Telling”, Nerio Pederzoli, Attilio Cienza and Rosa Roncador win the Bruno Lunelelli Library Prize

Trent. Two, for example, titles won in the fourth edition of Bruno Lunelli Wine Book Library Prize Who, after the announcement made in recent months, have been officially granted in the last few hours.

There “mountain“L Massimo Zanicelli And “Telling Trentino about wine“L Attilio Sienzto, Rosa Roncador And Nerio PederzoliJournalist and blogger in Dolomiti pA 36 year old private correspondent opinion In his agri-food programs and columns, the director has been tasting wine for more than 30 years as a guide Red shrimp He published many texts on food and wine culture.

The award is the only one in Italy dedicated to titles of the same name Wine is the protagonist The fourth edition concerns books published in 2022. The jury, headed by Marcello Lunelli, includes: Carla Bernini, Oscar Farinetti, Iliana Leotta, Chiara Masi, Matteo Marzotto, Alessandro Saviola, Andrea Segri, Fabio Tamburini.


The Mountain (by Massimo Zanicelli)

“It’s a great book He takes the reader by the hand and accompanies him first through the vineyards, the many vineyards that trace Italy from five hundred meters upwards, then to the cellars and finally to the tasting.the. “Montagna” is only the first title of a gigantic project that Massimo Zanicelli has set himself upon to realize; If the second part proves to be of the same caliber, we will have an extraordinary fresco of wine Italy.”

Telling Trentino about wine (by Attilio Cienza, Rosa Roncador, and Nerio Pederzoli)

“Put it together A famous vine scientist like Attilio Cienza, a lover of fine writing and good wine like Nerio Pederzoli and a passionate archaeologist by the name of Rosa Roncador, and here is Telling Trentino about Wine, a book that reads like a novel and is among the great books. The best titles written on the wines of the land of Trentino, an exceptional example of biodiversity“.

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The idea for the book telling the story of Trentino wines was born during the EnoturLAB training course that began at Piana Rotaliana Königsberg, in 2019, in collaboration with the Trentino School of Management and with the support of Trentino Marketing. The aim of the project was to “open” the wineries of the region to tourists so that they could learn about the huge potential of the region and have unique experiences.

However, in order to be able to convey all the richness that wine narrative brings, it was necessary to collect it in a reference text, where you can find everything to use as a starting point for visits and experiences in the cellar. It was therefore necessary to join forces with the Trentino Wine Federation which was planning to issue a celebratory publication for the DOC (Tiroldigo Rotaliano and Trentino) Using an interdisciplinary approach that can, in a way, combine historical, archaeological and ethnographic contents with more technical contents referring to soil geology, climate and vineyards. Everything had to be done in an informative manner and in interesting and captivating language.

“With this book – explained the authors – we tried to do just that Explain the complexity of the relationship between soil and vine, or rather between landscape, It is understood as a synthesis between climatic aspects, human choices and wine. we tried Bringing the artistic aspects into dialogue with the human aspects, trying to describe the Trentino region from multiple perspectives“.

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