Call to buy PSG

Call to buy PSG

Searches for Market subordinate Milanwhich in light of the next season want to support all sections Has risento make it more competitive after the invasion Scudetto.

After the operation Putman The Rossoneri have faded, for some time now, to research different alternatives to the Dutch in defence.

Abdo also appears under Rated Profiles Dialothe solution low cost coming from Paris Saint-Germainwhich by the way seems not left to a tour Japanese With the club, in agreement with DS Luis Campus.


while broadcasting Transfer Market: Origin Market expert intervention Gianluca Di Marziowho unveiled the latest news about the Senegalese andbenefit alive from NaplesWhich is what he would have thought Dialo How alternative to me Kim backwards, thus placing a blaster in the wheel at Milan.

Milan Diallo Remittance Market

Napoli does everything to take Kim, Who was the Azzurri’s target months agoAnd the But it will not be easy, which is why there is a name that works on it in parallel. The plan leads to Paris and Abdo DialloDiMarzio said.

Napoli is very strong, they have connections with Paris Saint-Germain – he added – He negotiates with the player to sign. She will have to make an effortAnd the but Diallo catches up“.

Gabriella Ricci

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