Can’t you keep a secret? Science explains why this happens

Can’t you keep a secret?  Science explains why this happens

Don’t spread the secret Sometimes it is not easy. There can be several reasons why a secret is revealed to other people. But often, science says, it doesn’t directly depend on who is telling others what information should have been kept secret.

In short, who reveals the secret? Sometimes he is not to blame. At least that’s what experts claim, who explain how often the possibility of revealing a secret may depend on the person who initially revealed the secret itself. But why does this happen? whats the truth? Let’s see what scientists have discovered about it.

What prompts us to reveal the secret we have been told?

Sometimes it happens that you receive information from another person who asks us that everything he has revealed to us can remain a true secret. Whether it is relatives, friends or acquaintances, it must be the secret always stay that way.

But after a short time, sometimes the desire to tell others everything drives us. What really drives us to do this? Could it be our fault only if we decide to tell others the secret?

Behavioral psychologists at the University of Arizona in the United States have tried to answer these questions and come up with some of them Really unexpected conclusions.

Rationale for telling others a secret

Specifically, experts developed an analysis of some studies, in which some participants explained the reasons for the transmission of trust from one person to another.

Various possibilities and different kinds of secrets were considered in detail, from those related to work to the possibility, for example, of asking for a divorce. It was noted that those who participated in these research disclosed secrets that others trust About 30% of the time. As for if the secret was captured by relatives or close friends, the percentage reached 26%.

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What was noticed then? According to experts, it all depends on the person who discloses information that should not be disclosed early.

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If this is a selfish person, we will be more inclined to reveal to others what we have been told. All this other than what happens in the case of Generous and loyal people, which we consider so because of their personality and the relationship we have created. Thus, in practice, keeping a secret is more likely if we highly value those who tell us about it at the initial stage.

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