Science to help the tourist doomed to impotence

Science to help the tourist doomed to impotence

Unrestricted sex

Professor Nicola Mondini demonstrates the dildo fitting technique

The 50-year-old German tourist, who is still in hospital in Grosseto after a sex overdose, will not have his penis amputated. (Thank you!) But he will remain helpless.

a erectile dysfunction due to penile necrosis, After a potential combination of Mdma and Viagra led him to 24-hour uninterrupted sex in which he risked death, not, as often happens, due to anxiety states, fear of contracting sexual diseases, or trouble with condom use.

but… There is a treatment, a “last resort”: a penile prosthesis.

Renowned Florentine urologist Professor Nicola Mondini, author of “Wikipene”, which has become a bestseller, explains to us.

what is he talking about?

Penile replacement surgery in the reported case is the only solution capable of resolving the problemto. that it A three-component device consisting of two cylinders placed in the corpora cavernosa, a pump placed in the scrotum between the testicles and a final structure called the reservoir placed in the retropubic area. All with one action small incision Either at the level of the scrotum or at the base of the penis, depending on the clinical picture. The intervention is usually completed within 60 minutes in expert hands. in case Grosseto, Since the fibrosis is persistent, the operation should be performed as soon as possible Because the time factor will make the corpora cavernosa increasingly fibrous and thus difficult to expand. Priapism is in fact an emergency condition which, once resolved, leads to rapid fibrosis of the penile structures.”

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Is it a “dangerous” intervention and, above all, a decisive one?

“to intervene In expert hands it is not dangerous I confirm. It’s crucial.”

Does a woman feel a difference in sexual intercourse that had to resort to this solution?

“woman You don’t hear a differenceAnd The patient’s normal ejaculation and the pleasure sensations have not changed, the only thing that changes is having to operate the pump which, by withdrawing the physiological solution from the reservoir, leads to the erection of the two cylinders.”

Are there other possible drug alternatives?

In these cases at the moment There are no equally effective alternatives. noIn the near future, we could provide the stem cells that my research group and I are studying, but in such an extreme situation, I think it’s still too early to suggest.”

The fact that this single case caused a lot of talk – Professor Al-Mandini concludes – It makes us understand how information is needed On issues of the genital organs, especially the male But we’re still in a country where the word “penis” causes embarrassment…. That’s why I wrote a scientific but satirical book about it!!! “.

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