Olympia Milan Pesaro | Quarterfinals Race 2023 2

Olympia Milan Pesaro |  Quarterfinals Race 2023 2

Baron 6.5 – Less accurate shooting in the first challenge, whatever it is, even working with teammates.

Napier 7.5 On Saturday, he was thinking more about the team, and today he started strong in attack, although he provided seven assists.

hedgehogs 7 – Fast and responsive when sent by Messina.

Biligha 6 – twelve minutes, during which he does it, even if almost everyone in the race is already on the ice.

Hall 7 – After a lackluster test on Saturday, Hall showed last season playing in attack, with the usual defensive contribution.

Baldasso 6.5 Messina gives him confidence and shoots with a good directing performance.

Shields 6 – It has problems with startup failure, it does not repeat the great test done 2 days ago, but it is still positive.

Heinz 7 – In the (few) minutes he was on the field, he showed good form, worked on defense, bounced off the ball and even hit a powerful kick.

give me 6 – a kind of armor, less sparkling on Saturday, but doing it nonetheless.

Voigtmann 7 – Baskets, rebounds and dips for the German.

Coach Messina 7 – Another test of complete control and fluency, taking turns of the whole team and getting positive answers. The only one less happy is probably Tonut, as a few minutes into the race are already closed.

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