“I’m going to heaven because sex is not a sin”

“I’m going to heaven because sex is not a sin”

Of all the things she’s done, Staller is most proud of is “transmitting common sense of humility, and removing many taboos. Which was not easy: I’ve had fifty complaints of indecency in a public place.”

Her films and pictures caused a scandal, but her entry into politics is more than that: “No one, except Marco (Pañilla, editor), expected me to be elected,” Cicciolina recalls. Instead, she took her role seriously, with several laws: “She has fought to create love gardens, guarantee the right to emotional affection for prisoners, teach sex education in school, introduce an environmental tax on cars, repeal Merlin, and ban experiments on the animals “.

Ilona’s first marriage to a man twenty-five years older than him was short-lived and even less happy. But he took her to Italy where she became a star. The turning point for her was the meeting with producer Riccardo Chichi, with whom she had a history from 77 to 1988. Then came the role of Jeff Koons, from whom his son Ludwig was born. The artist’s memory is painful: “He did terrible things to me, it was a disastrous relationship.”

Ludwig’s legal custody battle was carrying the news at the time, and Ilona recalled about her ex-husband: “During the custody suit, I told the judge that I had allowed the child to enter America illegally from Mexico. To make a movie with Moana. It was true, but these things were not told.” to the judge!”

For Moana Pozzi, the eternal friend and rival, Cicciolina has only kind words: “We worked a lot together, had a lot of sex together and told each other our things.” She holds no grudge and does not envy that her colleague is mentioned as an intellectual: “She was super intelligent. When they gave her a script, she had to read it once just to remember it by heart. As for me, I think that is. A purely political fact…”

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