Justin Matera, the drama that tore her family apart: “Rare Tumor” | Life hangs by a thread

Justin Matera, the drama that tore her family apart: “Rare Tumor” |  Life hangs by a thread
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Showgirl Justine Matera reveals her heavy family drama: a rare pathology has plagued her existence.

Born in ’71, sparkling soup Justin Matera He was born under the sky of New York, and then arrived in Italy in the early 90’s.

Submitted, in fact, after receiving Certificate from Stanford UniversityHe designated Florence as his adopted home. In Tuscany she started working in 1994 as a cubist and portrait girl in local discos, finally catching the attention of a producer. Joe T. Fanelliwhich catapulted her into the pop record scene with the song “Baby Hold on”.

Justine Matera then moved to Milan, and her striking resemblance to Marilyn Monroe charmed the conductor Paul Limits – With whom she married in 2000 – which she included in the Rai program “See you on TV”.

Absent from the small screen for years, the showgirl baptized her first literary creation in 2021, published by Cairo Editore with the title “Just Me – How Many Lives Are There in 50 Years?” , and the announcer Serena Burton He chooses to call her to “Today Is Another Day” to get an accurate description of her own ups and downs.

Justin Matera and Sister Jessica Drama

In May 2021, the showgirl attended “Today is another” as a guest, and provided viewers with a An unprecedented and moving self-portrait.

In fact, he revealed his heavy family history, especially that of his sister Jessica, who was diagnosed with a rare condition at the age of 13. “She had Hodgkin lymphoma… It was the 80’s, and there was little chance of survival. My mother was always in the library studying, and He eventually found an experimental cure, which is still the definitive treatment for Hodgkin’s disease, and my sister was saved. Thank you, of course, looking too.Justin Matera added:I never thought she would die. It was tough: I competed in swimming competitions, always won… But for years I felt lonely and abandonedBecause my parents really stood behind her, who was sick…“.

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Justin Matera’s Revenge

Unexpectedly, Sister Jessica’s illness finally convinced her Justin Matera To take the leap in the dark, to abandon the States in favor of Italy.

The showgirl revealed: “It made me very independent. Focused on my goals, wanting to get away from there, Even from that very heavy atmosphere. I studied, and I have always been training. In the United States there are many possibilities to get into university with different scholarships, and I believe in it. I’m back here: I did the opposite of my grandparents who left for America from the South. I grew up in Queens in an Italian American family!“.

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