“I will humiliate her” / “I will make her cry when…”

open war between David Silvestri And the Soleil rise to me Big Brother VIP 2021 One step away from the final. The forty-third episode sparked resentment and disagreements between the actor and influencer who, from the first weeks of living together at home, formed an alliance that also included Alex Bailey. However, the actor’s return home left both of them in doubt. David admitted that he did not like Sully’s attitude towards Delia and accused Sorge Silvestri of not exposing himself. During a live broadcast on February 21, marking the clear nominations, Sully showed off a David card that gives life to Saddam promising to be only the first in a long line.

David didn’t like Sulli’s nomination at all He accused the latter of having turned his back on him because he accused her of ambivalence, especially regarding the hatred he had for Delia Duran in the triangle with Alex Bailey, which later developed into a sinister kiss between the Prima Dunas. A relationship that now appears to be in jeopardy in light of a video circulating on the web and it seems that David, during a conversation with Alex, allows himself to move on to harsh statements against Sully.

David Silvestri attacks Soleil Sorge before the Gfvip 6 final

In a crime dialogue with Alex Bailey On Soleil riseDavid Silvestri announces that he wants the Italian-American to cry, declaring one revenge To Gfvip 6: “I will decide when the time comes, But he will pay her, and I will humiliate her, and I will make her cry“. Anticipation leaves Alex dumbfounded, as seen from the video that’s now going viral: “Exaggerated”. Meanwhile, web users have among Interactions More contrast than the condemned video to the discontent of the television audience, such as the latter defending Sulli’s position: “I think you’ve called it a wicked wickedness etc… and here you go ye guys!!!! With any conviction then, a shiver”; “You’ll pay bitterly, I’ll humiliate her, I’ll make her cry,” the sweet strategist, the one who doesn’t care about winning, the most elusive, the most lying, but Sully has already caught you since then, out of DAVID.”

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While the relations between David and Soleil appear contradictory, in the aftermath of the ensuing war between the two (possibly former) fans, the latter could finally have clarification on their partnership that began in the House, in one of the next. Live broadcast of Alfonso Signorini’s reality show. So we’ll see what happens.


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