CAT Association is organizing tree planting on the occasion of World Environment Day

CAT Association is organizing tree planting on the occasion of World Environment Day

Half a hundred workers from the Water Consortium of Tarragona (CAT) participated in the mass planting of 35 trees organized by the company as part of World Environment Day. This measure will contribute to offsetting 60% of emissions resulting from CAT combustion vehicles.

Specifically, about fifteen white poplar trees, ten oleanders and ten cycad trees were planted in a compact landscape within CAT’s Potable Water Treatment Plant (ETAP) in Lampula. The species, coming from a nearby ETAP nursery, have been selected according to the suitability criteria of indigenous flora to the local ecosystem with the aim of favoring the natural richness of the environment closest to this working space.

Given that a tree stores, on average, about 150 kg of carbon dioxide each year, the 35 specimens planted by the CAT team are expected to store 5,250 kg of carbon dioxide per year. This will contribute to compensating 60% of the annual distance traveled by CAT’s combustion vehicles, thus reducing the Union’s carbon footprint.

For the President of the Consortium, Joan Alginette, “this action is of particular importance because it reaffirms our commitment to the environment and sustainability, and at the same time strengthens the cohesion of our human team.” In the same way,

“We have planted 35 trees to mark 35 years since the consortium has been manufacturing drinking water and providing water to Camp de Tarragona and Terre do Libre,” explains Alginette. “In fact, with this big little action, we want to help ensure a more sustainable future with a more sustainable landscape.” Rich for Terres de l’Ebre.

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This initiative is part of the action plan promoted by CAT in accordance with ESG (environmental, social and governance) criteria, through which practices that benefit society and the environment in which the consortium operates are promoted.

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