The second message from Pedro Sanchez fully enters into the Europeans’ campaign

Tony Comyn He expressed his regret that he was unable to participate in yesterday’s debate on TV3 due to the repression. He also believes Junts and Esquerra Republica can secure better financing for Catalonia without paying the “huge” price, he says, of investing in Salvador Illa. Regarding Pedro Sanchez’s letter lamenting the legal war, the Spanish president is accused of turning a blind eye until now.

Specifically, Pedro Sánchez’s new letter to citizens following the court summons received by his wife focuses on much of today’s campaign events.

In “Els matins” on TV3, Javi Lopez He said it seemed clear to him that recalling Begonia Gomez had the “will to interfere in the election campaign” and he hoped Sunday’s election would help turn the page.

in the meantime, Diana Ripa He described Pedro Sánchez’s messages as a telenovela and a sainet and called on everyone to “start taking action” in the face of the moments of oppression “that we are experiencing.”

Irene Montero He also referred to Sánchez and asked to move from letters to the Official State Gazette and General Policies to protect democracy from the most reactionary sectors.

On the other side, Alberto Nunez Viejo He said it is not normal to try to cover up the alleged corruption around Moncloa by silencing judges and journalists who raise their voices.

Appealing to the Green Agenda, House of Commons candidate, Jaume Essens, recent state governments have accused the general public of inaction on climate action. He says that if the next executive does not take action, he will be reported to the Human Rights Court. He is confident that Strasbourg will prove their opinion right, after the pioneering condemnation of Switzerland for not contributing to reducing global warming.

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