Alfa Romeo Tonale “Children’s Edition”, a unique model designed for families

Alfa Romeo Tonale “Children’s Edition”, a unique model designed for families

Alfa Romeo Made in the UK Tonale children’s edition. It is unique with a number of Accessories designed for families with young children. Anyone who’s had kids a few years ago knows very well that car trips can get complicated. Trips that often have to be planned down to the last detail between changing diapers and breaking for a snack with the interior of the car, however, scheduled to be filled with crumbs and much more …

So the Italian brand decided to create a concept of its own SUV designed specifically to meet the needs of families with young children. At the moment, there does not seem to be a desire to market this car, but it is not excluded that some of the proposed solutions may not then reach production cars, perhaps within some specific packages.

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To help parents set off on voyages with their little ones on board, in the Tonale box Changing table is integrated To be able to change diapers easily. Specifically, the changing table can be removed from the hair rack by simply opening the rear door of the vehicle. A solution that does not compromise the overall load space as Alfa Romeo suggests.

The box is also equipped with an organizer that allows you to make the most of the space. The organizers Which also includes some useful things like a brush that allows you to brush the baby before leaving it on the plane. There is even a vacuum cleaner for cleaning both the trunk and the passenger compartment. And moving to the interiors, we find the gods Shaped seat covers To fit driver and passenger seat backs that have a cup holder, pen holder, and snack holder. In the headrests there is also a holder for tablets.

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Since children tend to kick the backs of the front seats, Alfa Romeo has equipped the seats with protective panels. To keep the kids in check, he’s there Baby monitorThis is a camera that allows the parent sitting in front of it to be able to check what is happening behind them using a smartphone.

For waste such as tissues and papers of all kinds, there is also a 6-liter bin behind that can be easily removed for emptying.

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