Two-hour queues in Girona to taste their most ubiquitous ‘cookies’.

Two-hour queues in Girona to taste their most ubiquitous ‘cookies’.

Anyone who walked by Rambla de la Libertad On Saturday afternoon, you might think the long line that formed was a must-see Some Girona players In the club’s official store. In December, two Ukrainians from the group led by Michel, Viktor Tsygankov and Artem Dubek, get people flocking to get their autograph. But on Saturday, none of that. There was no player from Girona, but the fans were there anyway Two hours of queues To get some sweets from herDesvane Bakerya storebiscuit I CheesecakesWhich opened its doors last Saturday. Tails that also reminded those in the early days who were seen (and are still seen) in bikinis Germans rock Next to the Peixateries Velles bridge. As in Rocambolesque gelateria.

These are not just cakes, they are reputable and have been manufactured Viral thanks to social networks. a Instagram The business has approx Half a million followerswhile A Tik Tok Their number is about 143,000, although they exist Video with more than 14 million views. The dessert phenomenon created by the Slovaks Lucia Kurakova It has now arrived in Girona, with people who did not want to miss this opening where Kurakova was moved to see so many people waiting to try some of her specialties. And even more so, if the price on this first day Only one euroWhile its value as of Sunday amounted to more than four euros.

Moreover, cookies are very diverseWith different ingredients and tastes to suit all tastes. Month fruitysuch as apples, passion fruit, or apricots Dry fruitsSuch as walnuts, hazelnuts, or pistachios. Other more candiessuch as tiramisu, cake, carrot cake, or their tastes Chocolate products Known as Oreo, Ferrero Rocher, Nutella or Kinder. Even the most daring can indulge in dessert More extravagant and with strange flavours Like bacon with maple syrup or a mojito.

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Birth in 2017

Lucia Kurakova’s adventure with Desvane began in 2017With the opening of the restaurant Attic to Barcelonaspecializing in hAmburgis, Natxos Because it could not be otherwise, sweets. Thanks to them, this business became popular, because customers, in addition to eating it on the premises, also began to order it to take away with them.

The phenomenon became greater with…Epidemic outbreak In March 2020. Quarantine has made most people nervous, but Kurakova knew how to make the most of it. With Covid-19, You demand that they will fire They made sweets to distribute day after day. Sometimes, until 1 a.m. to satisfy all customers.

Once out of confinement, Desvanes opened another venue in Barcelona, Attic vermouth. This led to him opening a temporary sweet shop, realizing the support given to him by people, who took in more sweets little by little. For this, At the beginning of 2021, the first Desvan bakery was opened In the Eixample district of Barcelona, ​​which was a real success. Also with great influence on social networks.

All this makes the work go further, and In 2022, a second location was opened in Ciutat Condal, this time in El Born. In recent months, the company has decided to expand beyond Barcelona. At the beginning of this year he opened a place in Madrid And on Saturday, he did just that in Girona, with a stream of people who went to try these sweets that from now on will be created at number 23 of the Rambla de la Libertate.

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