Carried out in Ukraine, the United States and Germany are ready to send tanks – Global

Carried out in Ukraine, the United States and Germany are ready to send tanks – Global

Here comes the hack on tanks for Ukraine: The United States is ready to send the M1 Abrams, the spearhead of military equipment with stars and stripes – According to CNN, an announcement of 30 vehicles may arrive this week, but delivery dates are unclear – Germany decides to supply the Panthers, which have so far been refused. In fact, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced to his cabinet that 14 Leopard 2A6s had been sent to Ukraine. Which made it clear to German Defense Minister Pistorius that he could reach Kyiv within three months.

It is expected at the age of 18 Statement from US President Joe Biden on Ukraine. The White House relayed it, confirming that Biden would talk about “supporting” Kyiv.

Russian Ambassador to Germany Sergey Nechaev He says the German decision is “extremely dangerous” and “raises the conflict to a new level”. Tass quoted the ambassador as saying that the decision “destroys what remains of mutual trust and causes irreparable damage” to relations with Berlin and points to Germany’s “total refusal to recognize historical responsibility” for Nazi crimes.

“We are acting in a closely coordinated and internationally agreed manner,” Schultz explained. While Poland thanked Berlin for its decision to send tanks to Ukraine, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said in a tweet that “the decision of NATO allies and friends to send tanks to Ukraine is right.” He stressed that together with the UK’s Challenger 2 they will “strengthen defensive firepower”.

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky said he was ‘sincerely grateful’ For the decision made by German Chancellor Olaf Schultz about sending “German tanks to Ukraine”, as well as for “expanding defense support and training missions” as well as “green light to partners to supply them with similar weapons.” Zelensky – and adds on Twitter – that he learned about “these important decisions at the right time in a phone call with Scholz.”

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Ukraine welcomes the first step The Presidency in Kyiv also announced the German green light on the Leopard tanks. Mykhailo Podolak, advisor to President Zelensky, believes that “the internal escalation of the war in Russia is inevitable. Different attacks will be carried out against different targets.” In an interview with blogger Michael Naki, reported by UNIAN, Podolyak emphasized that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are not attacking Russia, but that Russians, even in big cities, will be able to “feel the war”. The Kremlin responded immediately, saying that “Podolak’s threats confirm that we are right.”

Kyiv has always relied on tanks To change the fate of the conflict now in its eleventh month and the subject of an unprecedented confrontation that threatens to undermine the cohesion of the alliance. Moscow’s response had already come earlier with the Russian ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov: The Russian military will destroy American M1 Abrams tanks and other NATO military equipment if they are supplied to Ukraine, as promised, according to the tax office. According to Antonov, Washington wants to inflict a “strategic defeat” on Russia. And “an analysis of Washington’s entire sequence of actions shows that the Americans are constantly raising the level of military assistance to their puppet government.” According to the representative of Moscow, “if a decision is made to transfer the M1 Abrams to Kyiv, American tanks will undoubtedly be destroyed like all other NATO military equipment.”

Then it was the spokesman for the Kremlin himself, Dmitry PeskovInterfax quoted this the American Abrams tanks in Ukraine “will burn in the same way as other tanks.” “I am convinced that many specialists understand the absurdity” of sending tanks to Ukraine, Peskov said. “From a technological point of view, – the speaker added, – this is a rather unsuccessful plan and, above all, a clear overestimation of the potential that will add to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.” “All this,” said Peskov, “will first of all fall on the shoulders of those who pay taxes in Europe, while the Americans, as always, will at least not suffer losses, but, most likely, will benefit from them.”

For his part, Russian President Putin launched a new accusation: The American forces in Germany are occupation forcesLegally and effectively.” He reiterated that Russia cannot allow its historical lands to be threatened, adding that the main goal of the military operation in Ukraine is to protect the people and Russia itself.

Berlin says the training of Ukrainian forces must start quickly in Germany. In addition to training, logistics, munitions and systems maintenance also belonged to the German package.

there Meanwhile, Spain is preparing to join the international plan to send the Panthers In Ukraine: this was reported by El País, according to which Madrid will be ready to accede to this decision when Germany revokes its reservations in this regard. Currently, the government is studying in detail how to contribute (Some countries must send the Panthers directly, while others must fund the transmission), Madrid newspaper adds.

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The real turning point in tank dispatch will soon appear on the earth, Where the Ukrainians will be able to count on the “most powerful weapon” on which the Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, also relied in his first official bilateral meeting with the new German Minister of Defense, Boris Pistorius.

Meanwhile, today The Ukrainian army admitted that the Russians occupied Solidar in Donetsk. This was stated by a spokesman for the armed forces, two weeks after the announcement of the conquest by the Russians. “After months of fierce fighting, the Ukrainian Armed Forces left the city to ‘retreat to prepared positions’,” military spokesman Sergey Sherevaty told AFP, but refused to say when the withdrawal would take place.

Russian occupation officials in the Donetsk region said that Russian forces, especially mercenaries of the Wagner paramilitary group, are advancing in Bakhmut, the center of the conflict in eastern Ukraine, where fighting is taking place in some areas of the city.

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