Russia, Putin admits: “We live in a difficult moment.” Video details

Russia, Putin admits: “We live in a difficult moment.”  Video details

Vladimir Putin speaks again and does not hide the difficulties that Russia faces. Russia is experiencing a difficult moment today. Patriotism and pride unite our society even more strongly and serve as a reliable support for our heroes participating in the special military operation in Ukraine,” the words of the tsar, who spoke in the Kremlin at the awards and honors ceremony coinciding with Russia Day. “This holiday indicates the inseparability of our long history,” Putin added. For centuries, greatness and glory of the Fatherland”. In fact, much more, June 12 marks the anniversary of Russia’s declaration of sovereignty in 1990. On June 12 of the following year, Boris Yeltsin was elected president, the country’s first elected president. Yeltsin signed a decree first in 1994 to make the day a national holiday for Sovereignty Declaration Day, which later became Independence Day and finally in 2002, with Putin as president, Russia Day.

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“A little man is terrified of his own people (note the distance between him and the audience), who commit serious crimes,” Anton Gerashchenko, an adviser to the Ukrainian Ministry of Interior, commented on Twitter on the video in which the president speaks in Russian, who introduced himself to an audience that remained meters away. In the Great Hall of the Kremlin. In photos posted on social media, Putin enters through a golden door opened by soldiers in his uniform much taller than he is, who are then shown lined up on his side, at a safe distance. But farther away sits passers-by. And to depict it, too, we need photos from above, where Putin looks very young. According to the news frequently reported by the media, not officially confirmed, before getting close to Putin, people should remain isolated for a few days in order to avoid any kind of infection.

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