Flights between Italy and the United States, the unprecedented summer offensive

Flights between Italy and the United States, the unprecedented summer offensive

There are still spaces in Roads between Italy and the United States? Or is there a risk of finding ourselves in a state of oversupply that only risks harming airlines that have decided to bet (and aggressively) on intershore flights next summer? An immediate response seemed to want to give the last access, that person Norse Atlantic Airlines who decided to descend from the Nordic countries to establish a home also in our capital (as the rival in her mother country had already done at that time Norwegian) throw “his” Rome and New York. One of the busiest, but still seems to be able to handle more seating restrictions as if the demand is endless.

After all, until now No one seemed to have any doubts about the director’s appeal and the strength of the demand, perhaps with greater weight than the states towards the peninsula, but still able to hold out. And until the first signals coming from the sales, all the major companies involved are explaining, and boding well, while also taking into account the value in terms of margins that this type of cruise can guarantee to the companies’ coffers.

ETA Airlines
Recapping the latest summer offerings in hitherto known programming, the numbers are mind-boggling and have never been hit before. Starting with ours ETA Airlines Which, in addition to flights to New York from Rome, Milan, Miami, Los Angeles and Boston from DC, will also add routes to San Francisco and Washington in the summer.

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The American Periodical
From the other side of the Atlantic Ocean Delta, United and American We have already made it clear that an Italian dish will be particularly rich, and in this case also a standard dish. Such as Delta, which will increase to 84 weekly flights to Milan, Venice and Rome, while American will increase its already rich planning for 2022 with a doubling of the flight to Dallas from Rome. And United is no less, going up to 9 tracks, confirming Naples as well as Rome, Venice, Milan and introducing the new San Francisco. Finally, assurances from Milan, also for all works company and the well-established flight over New York before UAE. Total of more than 40 routes. I have not seen before.

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