Warning: This coin is worth a fortune! You can live on the pension forever

Warning: This coin is worth a fortune!  You can live on the pension forever
1 and 2 euro coins

Rare and precious coins are different and now we discover the new coin that will make you filthy rich.

there numismatics They are as fascinating as they are precious: there are many coins that gain value year after year based on their specific characteristics. In fact, the more time passes, the more valuable these rare and unique coins will be. The new currency in question will pay you rich.

Toward end of the previous yeara new coin was minted by one of the most active countries in this field, namely Vatican State. In this case, we are not talking about an old and rare coin with a unique value, but rather about a new coin that, if set aside and well preserved, will have a very high value over time.

there Vatican MintAt the end of 2022, a new coin is minted to commemorate the death Saint Francis de SalesAbu Modern spirituality. Although he attended university, Saint decided, against his father’s wishes, to undertake priestly studies.

Who is Saint Francis de Sales?

Against his father’s will, Saint Francis dedicated himself to the Way priesthood Many people fondly remember him as tireless priest. Since the saint found it difficult to preach during the prayers, he preferred a path paperinstead of word.

In fact, St. Francis propagated the gods Slips It stuck to the walls of the village or slipped under the doors of the houses. In this way, the saint was able to convey his word, but in written form. For these methods he used St. Francis de Sales, when he became a saint, was also called The patron saint of journalists.

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Saint Francis coin for sales
Coin dedicated to Saint Francis de Sales

This is what real money looks like

The coin minted by the Vatican Mint was made with high quality mirror boxdiameter 21 mm and weight 6 grams. On the obverse, there is a depiction of Saint Francis and along the edge you can read the wording “Vatican City“, he was interrupted by some rays of the sun. Below, under the statue of the saint, there is an inscription “St. Francis of Sales 1567-1622“face value”20 euros“.

on the back of the coin You see it in the middle Coat of arms of Pope Francis with behind me attachments Saint Francis de Sales. Along the edge the inscription reads “Francesco afternoon from the tenth year to the twenty-second monthWhile below a file was engraved Logo Pope FrancisMiserando atque eligendo“it’s saying,”He looked mercifully and chose it“.

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