Carolina Stramari, the photo in lingerie that will make your head spin. magnificence

Carolina Stramari, the photo in lingerie that will make your head spin.  magnificence

Carolina Stramare once again crosses the boundaries on social networks: the showgirl published a photo in lingerie that turns heads.

Carolina Stramare is beautiful and gorgeous –

Carolina Stramari is a showgirl of the highest caliber. In recent years, the Ligurian, after winning the Miss Italy title, began working in various sports programmes. The class of 1999 in particular worked Helpies Live, a streaming platform similar to Dazn. At Helbiz she led the special on Serie B, presented the “Miss Italia” contest and co-hosted “Adani’s Corner”.

Stramare is a woman of extraordinary beauty: many brands are vying to win a decade from her. In recent months, the former Miss Italy has set the Internet on fire Shots in underwear Where the products of one of the most famous companies in Italy are announced. In one of these photos in particular, the model went above and beyond and showed off her sexy ensemble in full.

Carolina Stramari in lingerie makes everyone’s heads spin: an overwhelming photo

Photo of Carolina Stramari in lingerie
Carolina Stramari in underwear –

Carolina Stramari, with her boundless beauty, always manages to steal the spotlight on social networks. Browsing through his IG profile is definitely a unique experience: There are a lot of really memorable shots. A few moments ago, the model posted another product on social media that her followers are unlikely to forget. In the photo in question, Liguori is wearing a set of eye-catching underwear.

His hot art collection is on display: It’s hard to look away when faced with a display like this. Side A By a native of Genoa it is an impressive sight: zooming, in this post, is not necessary as everything has been placed in the foreground. The sensual expression of the historic Miss Italy drives everyone crazy: once again, the class of 1999 was filled with likes and comments.

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Carolina Stramari: Who is her boyfriend?

Last year, A Rumors gossip Driving everyone crazy: It seems that Stramari was dating Dusan Vlahovic. The Juventus striker never confirmed the rumours, nor did the model.

After flirting with Antonino Spinalbez, it seems that the Ligurian’s new boyfriend is actually a footballer. It’s about to pellegri, Torino striker. In recent weeks, some photos have appeared on social media showing the two in loving situations.

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