Jessica Selassie wins a GF Vip dressed as the bride

Jessica Selassie wins a GF Vip dressed as the bride

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Suitable for this occasion

He is the one who made this Jessica Selassie. Reached the final, defeated for the first time on TV Geocas Casillaonly to defeat all the other competitors, including his sister Lulu Selassie. She is the winner of GF Vip: a great personal satisfaction for the princess.

Selassie the winner

Larger Selassie sisters She immediately showed a calmer temperament than the others. Less impulsive than Clarissa, and less flashy than Lucrezia, Jessica Selassie She was noticed precisely because of her shyness. Her transformation not only physical has conquered viewers who rewarded him with victory. in the story with barrow Show determination, perseverance, sensitivity and even surrender.

From duck to swan

In terms of appearance, this GF Vip Show a big change in Jessica Selassie. The sparkly outfits and flashy details that appeared in the first episodes of the reality show gave way to more subtle outfits. Jesse tackled the live shows while raising her self-awareness, and devoted a lot of care to her hairstyling: She got into the frizzy house, and walked out super-smooth.

victory look

love story with barrow It wasn’t there, but the wedding dress… yeah. The dress chosen for the final was signed Demetrius Dalia. White, beaded, with a very deep neckline and prominent silhouette. Luxurious and delicate outfit to suit her taste. A princess look, perfect for a winner GF Vip!

From one reality show to another

Jessica Haile Selassie First appeared in RekanzaFigure that tells the lives of the descendants of wealthy families. He had admitted on that occasion that he spent 100,000 euros a month on shopping and various whims. with victory GF Vip He won a prize of 100,000 euros, 50% of which will be donated to charity. Will the compensation be able to revive the fortunes of the Selassie family, who say they participated in the reality show because they were financially strapped?

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