Cristian De Sica finally told the truth about Paolo Contesini: “More than a lover is like…”

Cristian De Sica finally told the truth about Paolo Contesini: “More than a lover is like…”
Cristian De Sica on teammate Paolo Contesini – Direct 24 Line

Years later, Christian Di Sica revealed the truth about his teammate Paolo Contesini: the fans were speechless

He is one of the actors who signed many cinepanettoni, a genre that film critics did not consider to be a strong point of our Italian cinema, Christian De Sica. For years we have seen him paired with his stalwart traveling companion, Massimo Boldi, even if at his side there is always the presence of another colleague: he is Paul Contesini, an actor present in several films with De Sica. Recently, a truth has emerged about their relationship that has been misunderstood for many years by many rumors, about an alleged romance between the two.

The characters are the result of many talents and a professionalism that for years has been a strong point of Italian comedy. Despite this, for many years they have shared cinematic experiences with various films such as Christmas on the Nile, Christmas in India, and the blockbuster. Men men men. It was precisely this movie that gave rise to the alleged storyline and the feeling between the two in the world of gossip that transcended their careers.

Many know the love life of Christian De Sica. The man has been linked to Silvia Verdoni, sister of Carlo Verdoni, for many years. The two met when she was 14 and he was 21 and married in 1980.. They also went through enormous economic hardship due to debts left behind by their father, Vittorio De Sica, but always hand in hand.

But where did these rumors of an engagement between Paolo Contesini and Christian De Sica come from?

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Cristian De Sica, The Whole Truth About Paolo Conteccini: The Confession

In the aforementioned film, Men men menThe cast’s role was that of a gay couple. De Sica played Vittorio, an architect who falls in love with one of his employees, Alex, played by Paolo Continecchini. Regarding the reckless feelings that emerged after the film, the kind De Sica stated that “It always has been Crazy nonsense.”

Christian De Sica
Cristian De Sica confesses to teammate Paolo Contesini – lineadiretta24

Between the actors there is only a relationship of deep respect and great friendship, a feeling that reflects love but brotherhood. Indeed, De Sica declared: “Contessini? More than a lover, he is like another brother..

In Christian’s opinion, these rumors were circulated purely out of envy and malice. Although most people tend to keep their personal lives remote most of the time, this is not the case.

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