New Fiat 600 2023, first impressions and feedback on the SUV officially presented tomorrow, July 4

New Fiat 600 2023, first impressions and feedback on the SUV officially presented tomorrow, July 4

the new Fiat 600 2023 It was first spotted on the streets of Rome without any camouflage during a location shoot, revealing details of the car’s bodywork, to then be the subject of the official show. Here’s what the new generation Fiat 600 looks like and its expected launch date in Italy.

Aiming to abandon the unprofitable segments of city cars, Stellantis decided to recall the name Fiat 600 and apply it to a new segment representing the new car market in Europe. The 2023 Fiat 600 has been reborn as a car Class B SUV It shares many design features with the Fiat 500X. But the dimensions are slightly smaller and the stylistic choices of the front seem to be intended to generate interest among a wider audience and general public. We are now interested in exploring:

  • First impressions and reviews of the 2023 Fiat 600
  • Fiat 600 2023, when will we see it

First impressions and reviews of the 2023 Fiat 600

There is one aspect that immediately catches the attention of commentators The color chosen by Fiat for the bodywork. In fact, it is not colored because the Italian car manufacturer decided to abandon gray. All future Fiat cars, from the 600 model onwards, will only be available in colorful and lively shades, completely abandoning gray. We are in front of a B-Suv with a distinctive design and bright colors, which we imagined as aA versatile and practical option for families. This model symbolizes a new direction for Fiat, with a unique character and well-defined space in the Fiat range.

Although the 2023 Fiat 600 will partially replace the 500L and overlap the 500X, it will be An independent and distinguished modelIt has a unique design and a specific usage philosophy. This vehicle represents a cross between the size and habitability of the 500L and the more off-road-oriented style of the 500X.

the Design of the new Fiat 600 It follows lines already seen on the Fiat 500e, with integrated LED headlights and a distinctive visor on the hood. The front features a wide grille that incorporates ADAS sensors while the tailgate extends further to improve trunk space, potentially with a larger capacity than the Avenger.

The back is nice and stands out New Fiat lettering and 600 logo With the Italian flag. The line indicates 500X. The front grille matches the body color and is a matter of personal taste. Some also note the similarities in the rear styling and taillights to the Fiat Stilo.

Remember in some ways Jeep Renegade, also regarding the dashboard. In addition to aesthetic impressions, the new Fiat 600, such as Fiat 500X, on a common platform with Jeeps. Fiat’s new B-class SUV will be built on the ECMP2 platform Jeep Avenger It will be shared with all new electric cars of the range B and C Series.

Fiat 600 You will share a lot of the interior Electroplate 500. But some characteristics, starting with the small panel in the center of the dashboard, which will allow you to manage some infotainment functions through hotkeys. For the rest, the electric vehicle setup will be confirmed, offering a dual-screen 7-inch dashboard and infotainment system.

the View infotainment It will have a diagonal of 10.25 inches and it will be a touch screen type. This is the nerve center of the car that will allow the management of various functions, including connection to smartphones via Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. This advanced interior design reflects Fiat’s commitment to providing its customers with advanced technologies and an interactive and connected driving experience.

Planned engines to be launched in Italy, pending official confirmations, include Fiat 600, with a 156-horsepower electric motor, a 54-kWh lithium battery and a range of about 400 km; Fiat 600 petrol and hybrid, with 100 and 136 hp 1.2 turbo engines.

The suspension likely includes MacPherson strut in the front and torsion beam in the rear, providing a comfortable setup without being too stiff. If we look closely at the profile of the car, we can see the classic Avenger C-pillar and what is expected to be for the 600 in the future. Just over 4 meters longproviding a pocket-like rear space that’s perhaps most comfortable for up to four adults.

They don’t run away from performance: Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h takes about 10 seconds and the maximum speed is 180 km / h. Fuel consumption according to the Wltp cycle is about 5 liters per 100 km traveled. The electric version provides acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in about 9 seconds and the top speed will be 150 km / h. These numbers attest to Fiat’s interest in a satisfactory driving experience.

In fact, these shows reflectTechnology development in the automotive industryoffering both a more traditional, but still efficient, internal combustion version, and a more dynamic and large-range electric variant.

Fiat 600 2023, when will we see it

Like other manufacturers, Stellantis exploits the full potential of STLA mini platform, which is based on the CMP platform developed by the former French group PSA. Fiat traditions are respected: the main innovations will be presented to the Italian market on July 4th, as was the case for the historic Fiat 500 in 1957. Fiat has remained true to this tradition. Sales are expected to start in September.

The only information we don’t know at the moment is related to pricing. It would be interesting to understand In which market segment does Fiat intend to position itself compared to its sister Jeep. In the event that it is a fully thermal car, the starting price is likely to be slightly lower than the current Avenger (23,900 euros online) but an upward adjustment cannot be ruled out.

The most attractive price will be the price of the electric version. Bearing in mind that the electric Jeep starts at 37,900 euros, if only Fiat could show it a little less than 35,000 eurosit could be a competitive electric car for Chinese cars.

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