Re-evolution of Maria Jaume

Re-evolution of Maria Jaume
Singer from Lloret di Vistalegre Maria James He released his third album last Friday at Girona Hall. Nostalgia flight (Bank Robber, 2024). A leap forward in a track that emerges from the popular sounds of its beginnings, embracing rhythms closer to dance and club culture. For this reason the Montsalvatje Hall was transformed into the Girona Hall, where the performance floor was set up at the top of the stage and with its back to the audience, and there was also a bar for drinks and aperitifs.

In the first concert of the album presentation tour Maria James He was accompanied Louis Cabot – Co-wrote new songs and is responsible for instruments, bass, keyboards, acoustic guitar and vocals -, Joan Valbona on electric guitar, Lydia Vasserias On keyboards and Joan Turney To the battery.

“Shin Shin Goodbye” opened the evening and was followed by another song by Nostalgia flight“Super mala pinta” it sounded in a voice Clara Viñals (Rinaldo and Clara) registered. “Autonomy for Beginners” – from his first appearance Paw Valvey– and “Un bon berenar” – with a melody very appropriate to his voice – one foot Maria James Who decided to dispense with a large part of the guitar concert and who developed very well in a role more exposed to the audience.

Mallorca's latest work is about “nostalgia for the Mallorca I did not experience”, as witnessed in “Cala Rajada 1964” – with a sample of Bonnet Saint Peter Including – and “Hoteles, sol i playa”, with a duet recording with Bao Dipon And the only guitar and keyboard solos of the night, which could definitely be part of the repertoireAntonia Font.

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Evolution (and revolution) for Maria James It is presented directly as a natural step towards understanding the songs. With an impeccable band, always working for the greater good, Llorita's songs sound more direct when presented dressed in more layers of sound. Where he used to describe his desire by saying, “My fingers are already calling for you,” now he dispenses with the intermediaries: “My dear, you are made to order.” Introductions are over. Maria James He bet on frankness and playing with contemporary rhythms such as reggaeton or afrobeat, without separating from the ground, now flooded with electronics and more complex melodies.

Maria Jaume in Girona Hall (22.03.2024). Photo: Jordi Nouvel

The final part of the concert gave way to the most danceable songs of the album: “Pura Geografia”, “Trista a Miami”, “Ni Picassos ni Dalís” – by Round and round (Bank Robber, 2022) – and “What a shame.” For the encore he left “Procés Natural” accompanied only by acoustic guitar Louis Cabotand what is related to it Maria James More popular ethics and aesthetics. The beautiful “Balada des trast”, the very accelerating “Me desplom” and the artistic “Mala vida”, which ended with the whole band dancing on the bases on stage.

It's worth taking a look at the new proposal directly from Maria James. Not only does he not disappoint, he surprises the audience and manages to connect with them in a well thought out concert of just the right length. Nostalgia flight isis currently and deservedly one of the best albums of the year and should be an example of what the two talents love Louis Cabot I Maria James They can provide for us in the coming years.

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